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Bluehost Review 2023

Bluehost review

Online presence has become a crucial component in the determination of a brand’s success. Suppose brands do not have a presence in the online platform. In that case, people will not have a knowledge of the brand’s existence, and this goes on to show just how impactful the internet can be. Having a website is essential because it is the source through which people understand the brand and what it stands for. However, only having a website is not enough. It has to have a prominent presence, and for your website to be visible to people, you need to have a good web hosting service.

What Is Web Hosting?

It is essential that you first understand what web hosting is. Web hosting, in simple terms, is a service that allows one to make their website available and accessible on the internet. Various web hosting companies provide these services. Every website requires web hosting because all the information, files, and content related to your website are stored. They are stored in a computer by creating an account in any best web hosting provider, and this is referred to as a host. Therefore, you need to choose a reliable web hosting service for your site.

Need of web hosting 


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You may be wondering why you would possibly require a hosting service? Take a look at the points below.

  • First and foremost, you are creating a website in order to reach out to people through the online platform. A hosting service will make this function possible for you by making your website available on the World Wide Web for people to access.
  • You need a storage space to store your web files and a website hosting service like Bluehost hosting will allow you to perform this function as well.
  • Creating a website is not enough. The website should be able to deliver quality performance and it can do so when you give it the assistance of a quality host.
  • Using a reliable and good hosting service will help your website perform better which is extremely important for search engine rankings as well as user experience.

To be real, what’s the point of having a website if it does not lead to traffic? Hence, if you want your website to have visibility, it is important that you choose the best web hosting 2022 because visibility will ultimately lead to the success of your online presence.

Best Hosting for WordPress

WordPress has held a prominent reputation ever since its advent. There is no person who has probably never not heard of WordPress. It is a renowned website builder and it has been estimated that 40% of website building accounts to this platform. It is the choice of many bloggers, businesses, organizations, and more. This is mainly because the platform is professional but it also has an easy to use interface which makes the process of creating or building a website easy for the users. Suppose you are looking to create a website through WordPress. In that case, you should also look for the best hosting for WordPress to power your website effectively. Hence, here is an honest Bluehost review to enlighten you about this much talked about web hosting service.

Introduction to Bluehost

bluehost wordpress hosting

Bluehost is a company that Endurance International Group owns. They offer web hosting services and are currently known to host approximately 2 million domains making them one amongst the largest web hosts on a global scale. Founded in 2003, the web hosting platform has grown to become one of the most prominent service providers worldwide. They are well known for their web hosting solutions, including WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, shared hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and services that meet various kinds of professional marketing needs and requirements. With these many services, it is sure to become the best web hosting 2022 but that solely depends on whether it lives up to its prominence.

For a long while, Bluehost has been the talk of the hosting town. Belonging to the renowned organization Endurance International Group, it has a very influential market share. Moreover, their positive availability of financial resources only adds to their influence over the hosting market. This probably accounts for the millions of positive reviews Bluehost continues to receive. Hence, it is all the more important that you seek the assistance of a review that is honest and true to the point because to keep it real, it’s not only about the positive but it is also about the negative.

One of the most crucial aspects when it comes to choosing a web hosting service is its uptime. What’s the point of having a site if your users cannot access it right? Fortunately, Bluehost is quite a winner in this area for its uptime is great. Here is a brief glimpse of Bluehost’s uptime in 2022.

  • January 2022: 100%
  • February 2022: 99.97%
  • March 2022: 100%

The loading speed of the site is another thing that should be a priority. No user likes accessing a site that makes them wait for hours to load. If your page loads within three seconds, it leads to a higher probability of more users visiting your site. It’s not just about a website that loads fast but it is also about whether the site is optimized for mobile or not. Fortunately, Bluehost meets this requirement and even if it may not be amongst the top service providers when it comes to fast loading sites, it is still fairly good. The Bluehost pricing of each of the plans are different for they differ in their features too.

Bluehost is also easy to use for beginners and they have features for the more experienced users as well. They have a lot of features to offer such as free domain for a year, free SSL, spam experts, daily backup options, unlimited website space, domain protection, and more. With all of these features, it can be seen why Bluehost would be regarded as one of the best web hosting services. The only drawback is that the basic plans may not have the handy features but this issue can be easily solved by opting for another plan that includes the features you require.


WordPress hosting and Bluehost Hosting are quite synonymous. This is mainly because the latter is an old brand that has come to be associated with the former more than any other web hosting service. In fact, Bluehost also falls under the official hosting recommendations of WordPress. It has often been considered the best hosting for WordPress as well. This might be because its services and features seem to be particularly curated for WordPress users. With such popularity comes massive hype, but whether Bluehost deserves the hype and whether it is indeed the best web hosting provider depends on personal experience.

The fun fact of Bluehost is that it can meet the needs and preferences of beginners and experienced ones. As a matter of fact, it is often considered the best hosting for WordPress and the tools of the platform are often exclusively designed for WordPress users. It can be a great difficulty to find a platform that caters to all range of users since most sites focus either on beginners specifically or on the professionals particularly. However, with Bluehost, it does not seem to be the case because it includes Bluehost hosting plans that serve the needs of all kinds of users.

Features of Bluehost

  • One of the main features that make Bluehost stand out is that it is extremely easy to use. Since it comes with a user-friendly interface and ease of installation, it is also recommended by WordPress. Users can build a website using the guidelines of the web hosting platforms easily.
  • Once you sign up with Bluehost, you also get a free domain for one year. For your website to be visible and have its own identity, having a domain is extremely important, and this feature can come in pretty handy.
  • Bluehost also comes with a money-back guarantee. You can go for a free trial period of thirty days and if you want to continue using it, you can register for the service. Suppose you have already paid the fees and registered for the service but are not satisfied with its features. In that case, you can also have your money back as this web hosting platform guarantees.
  • An outdated software can cause a great deal of problems but Bluehost comes with an auto-update feature so that you always stay updated with the most stable features you need. The Bluehost hosting platform ensures that you never have to be outdated with your website building sessions and therefore, this is another useful feature.
  • Safety is something that is of utmost importance and when it comes to anything related to online platforms, one should always be cautious. This is because the internet is a place where people are prone to identity theft and violation. If you want to keep your website’s data safe and the identity of your customers safe, you can make use of the free SSL certificate feature that allows the transmission of encrypted data.
  • Suppose you are confused about using this web hosting platform or are facing problems with anything related to the identical. In that case, you can contact Bluehost customer service to help you with your queries.

Given these power-packed features, it is understandable why the web hosting service would garner such a massive customer base on a global scale. All these features might make it the best web hosting 2022 but that is something that is still up for debate since only time has the answer for now.  

Bluehost Services 

The services provided by Bluehost are as follows:

WordPress Hosting: This is probably the service Bluehost is most popular for. When it comes to WordPress hosting, Bluehost certainly has a lot of positive features and services to offer given the fact that it is particularly curated for WordPress sites.

Shared Hosting: Imagine that you are using WiFi that is accessed by the entire building but you can use it at your convenience, it is the same with shared hosting as well. You will share the host but you will use it in your personal space. This can come in handy if you do not want to invest in an expensive hosting service and want to lay down low in terms of financial expenditure.

Dedicated Servers: As opposed to shared hosting, if you are someone who craves solitude not only for peace of mind but also for the peace of your website, you could opt for dedicated servers. As the name suggests, the entire server belongs to you and you do not have to share it with anyone else. 

Domain: Domain is certainly an important part of any website. It is what establishes your personal identity online. Bluehost does offer domain name services but it can be a little on the expensive side. Suppose you are looking for a domain service that falls within your budget. In that case, you will probably be fine checking out other service providers.

Bluehost Hosting Plans

Here are the Bluehost hosting plans with the services they offer based on which you can determine which plan best fits your presence and requirements.


Basic Plan

  • This is the cheapest among the plans. It is the perfect plan for a beginner and you can host one website with it.
  • If you are looking to host just one website, you will certainly find all the required helpful features.
  • You can get 50 GB storage space and bandwidth, five email accounts and email storage, a domain that is free for one year, and free SSL.
  • You will be able to run your site smoothly and the best part is that it is cheap.
  • However, if you are looking to host more than one site, it may not be the best choice for the features might then be limited.

Plus Hosting Plan

  • This is a plan with highly useful features that comes at an affordable price.
  • You can opt for this plan if you are looking to host multiple sites with just one account.
  • You can also avail unlimited website space and bandwidth.
  • You can get one free domain for a year and free SSL.
  • You can also get unlimited email accounts and email storage.
  • You can avail marketing offers worth 200 dollars and spam experts.

Choice Plus Plan

  • This plan is suitable for all kinds of bloggers because it comes with a huge bundle of impressive features such as domain privacy, backup options, installation of unlimited websites, and more.
  • You get unlimited website space, bandwidth, free SSL, and a free domain for one year.
  • You get unlimited email accounts and email storage space and 1 spam expert.
  • You can avail of marketing offers worth 200 dollars.
  • You also get domain privacy and site backup.

Pro Plan

  • This is the most expensive of all Bluehost hosting plans given that it includes exclusive features along with features of all the plans and more.
  • This plan is apt for professionals especially those who are looking for dedicated servers.
  • You can install unlimited sites, website space, bandwidth, email accounts, and email storage.
  • You get marketing offers worth 200 dollars and 2 spam experts.
  • You get one domain privacy and protection and free SSL.
  • You get access to exclusive features such as site backup through CodeGuard Basic, dedicated IP, and 1 Office 365 Mailbox.

Reliability of Bluehost 

When it comes to anything associated with the internet, reliability is a huge issue that concerns users. They are always looking for platforms they can rely on for the internet is such a platform that if you end up getting duped, you might not be able to trace the evidence of the same. Hence, worrying about the reliability of Bluehost hosting is a given even though it is a highly talked about the platform that has been in existence for many years now.

Major Takeaways


Here are some merits of the Bluehost hosting service.

  • Given the features and plans it tags along, the service can be quite affordable.
  • Website storage space is of utmost importance and with Bluehost, you can get unlimited storage.
  • While vehicle traffic can be annoying, it is always good to have more traffic on your website. Fortunately, Bluehost is able to handle this traffic well enough for your site.
  • Good Uptime Through 12-Months
  • Packed with Security Options and Features
  • Easy to Use for Beginners
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Free website migration for one website
  • The Official Recommended Host


Here are some of the drawbacks of Bluehost.

  • While the higher priced plans do come with a lot of good features, the affordable ones can lack a bit when it comes to backup options.
  • While the speed of Bluehost is fine, given its hype and pricing, it is certainly an aspect that leaves room for improvement.

Quick Facts

  • Website Migration: Free transfer for 1 WordPress website.
  • Free domain? Yes, for the first year. Then renews at $15.99 per year.
  • Control Panel and Dashboard Experience: Easy-to-use cPanel
  • Installation of Apps and CMS (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): Mojo Marketplace makes app installation quick and easy.
  • Ease of Sign-up: Easy and guided sign-up process.
  • Account Activation: Instant activation in most cases. If the information is inaccurate or there’s suspicion of fraud, activation might get delayed.
  • Payment Methods: Major credit cards and PayPal.
  • Money-Back: 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: No refund on domain names. Renewal rates for both domains and hosting are much higher than the introductory rates.
  • Upsells: Some upsells during sign-up, but nothing too aggressive.

FAQs on Bluehost Review

1. What is Bluehost web hosting provider?

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting provider in the world. It offers a wide range of hosting services for an affordable cost. Users can enjoy the stability of enterprise-class hardware, robust security systems, and fast load times that come with web hosting.

2. How to install wordpress on bluehost?

Installing WordPress on your Bluehost account is easy, but there are some steps to take before you start. Firstly, you need to sign up for a Bluehost account- they offer low-cost hosting packages which allow you to install WordPress. Next, follow the installation wizard by entering your domain name and setting up your site. Once everything is setup, you can now install WordPress on your Bluehost account

3. How to change domain name on Bluehost?

In order to change your domain name on bluehost, you will need to have your domain registered with them.

4. Is Bluehost good for small businesses?

Yes, Bluehost is good for small businesses, bloggers with affordable pricing plans and additionally provides the 24/7 expert support through chatbot and telephone.

5. How do I buy a domain name on Bluehost?

It’s simple! Follow these steps to buy a domain name on Bluehost:- Go to the Domains section, linked through the Menu- Use the Search bar to look for a Domain Name of your choice- If your desired domain name is available, simply ‘Add to Cart’,- Next provide your billing and payment details- Review the information and ensure the data is correct- Choose your payment method & you’re done!

6. How to transfer domain name to Bluehost?

Bluehost makes it easy to transfer a existing domain to your Bluehost account. You will navigate to the domain management section and follow the on-screen instructions to begin your domain transfer in your cPanel. if you require any help, please call to customer support team and they will help you for domain transfer.

Bottom Line

The bottom line of this Bluehost review is hence, it is a reliable web hosting service and you can certainly give it a try. It comes with a free trial for a month so if you’re still not sure, you should perhaps consider going for the trial and then determining whether you want to invest in the service or not.

Bluehost certainly comes with a lot of useful features and now that you have gone through an honest Bluehost review that has hopefully been helpful, the decision relies upon you whether you want to opt for the service or look for an alternative.

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