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Getresponse Website Builder Review 2023 (30 Days FREE Trial)

Getresponse website builder

Are you looking for best website builder? There are many website builders in the market, which may heap up your confusion about which tool you should choose. Naturally, when you have numerous options, you may get caught up in a dilemma. These days, many email marketing tools are not limited to email marketing services. However, they additionally offer all in one marketing features. One such tool is the getresponse website builder, and it has gained a whopping 350,000 users in around eighteen countries.

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an email marketing software platform that helps you grow your audience, engage with customers, and boost online sales.

GetResponse launches an advanced website builder that uses artificial intelligence to enable you to build a website. It makes building a website easier for you. You can create the website yourself using the simple tools and features of GetResponse. You do not require the knowledge of coding, nor do you need to hire a professional to build a website. You can customize the details of your website easily using the easy to use editor. This is one of the best website builder online free you can use to build a website and market your website too.

There are many functions you can perform in the digital platform using the GetResponse builder. You can build your online presence, promote and sell your products, grow your contact list, and promote your webinars. You can present your website to your users and enable them to know what your website is about and what it has to offer. You can convert high-quality leads and provide exclusive incentives. You can create a landing page to sell your products and receive payments instantly. You can make online events and promote them to attract more audience. This is a great website creator which allows you to perform multiple functions using a single platform.

Features of GetResponse Website Builder

There are many valuable features of GetResponse which are as follows.

AI-powered website builder

getresponse AI website builder

GetResponse is an AI-powered website builder, and this is one of the most attractive features of this tool. You can create your website easily using the power of artificial intelligence. You can make use of cutting-edge technology to handle and manage your website. It is the best AI Website builder with advanced AI features that allow you to build a website quickly and effectively. You can use the artificial intelligence wizard to generate custom made web pages automatically.

DIY Website Building Platform

getresponse website builder DIY templates

One of the simplest things about using GetResponse is that you do not need any coding skills or knowledge to build a website. You do not need to hire a professional to build a website either. You can create a website from scratch using the ready-made templates which professionals design. You can use many designing tools such as backgrounds, styles, layouts, objects, shapes, and fonts. You can use the GetResponse website builder free designing tools to build a trendy website for any industry. You can use the drag and drop editor to create a personalized and unique website.

Mobile Friendly Design

Mobile responsiveness is one of the most critical factors that determine user experience. Many users access websites using their mobile phones, and a majority of the users who access websites are mobile users. Websites gain the most traffic from mobile users. If your website does not respond well on mobile devices, it can be a considerable loss. Losing mobile traffic can be a massive blunder for your website and your business. The getresponse website builder allows you to generate mobile responsive web pages automatically. You can integrate mobile-friendly features into your website seamlessly. Therefore, your website will respond well to any device.

Modern Designs

One of the most common things website builders dread is the use of numerous plugins. You may not find a one size fits all website building tool, which may lead you to the big business of downloading and installing multiple plugins. This can become messy and show your website building process to be unorganized. You can use GetResponse’s global design control to gain access to styles, text patterns, color palettes, blocks, and more.

Website Built-in Popups

getresponse website builder popups

Pop-ups are an exciting feature to add to your website. You can use pop-ups to increase customer engagement. You can promote new content, display special offers, generate leads, and more. You can use the GetResponse website creator to create popups for your website.

Performance Measuring Tool

getresponse website builder performance tool

What’s the point of using a website building tool if it doesn’t allow you to gain insight into your website’s performance? You can use GetResponse’s performance measuring tool to access your website’s performance. The website analytical will give you details about the overall traffic, conversion tracking, landing pages, traffic being gained from specific locations, and more.

SEO Optimization Tools

GetResponse website builder enables proper SEO Settings such as metadata for posts and proper SEO titles, optimizing URLs with focus keywords and adding alt text for images. using these techniques to get more visibility and organic traffic. you can add google analytics, google search console and google ads conversion tracking to your website.

Complete Website Solutions

getresponse website builder custom domain

Don’t worry about domain name services. GetResponse will provide free sub-domains and you can connect your custom domain. getresponse also offers to buying domain names for new websites. and getresponse provides SSL certificates for your website.

All-In-One Marketing Solution

getresponse website builder integrated marketing platforms

Website builder gives you an all-in-one platform to integrate with third party marketing applications. They have popular marketing apps and they’re well established in the market for a long time. So, it will be helpful for you to get all types of marketing solutions in one place.

All these features of GetResponse AI Website builder is pure evidence that it is an all in one solution for your digital marketing needs. You will not have to install various plugins to perform different functions because you can access a bundle of features at an affordable getresponse pricing to build the perfect website.

Getresponse provides the complete tutorial for website builder. Visit the Website builder help center

Getresponse Pricing

getresponse pricing

Monthly price rates are classified by list size, with unlimited messaging to up to 1,000 members starting at $15 a month. The Pricing page has further information.

With the savings they provide, you may save 18% on a 12-month plan or 30% on a 24-month plan. For recognized non-profit organizations, special pricing is offered; go here to register for up to a 50% off deal.

Getresponse provides 30 days free trial on any plans.


There are many website builders in the market. However, the primary challenge users face is the need to download several other plugins to accompany the function of the website builder. The getresponse website builder eliminates this need to download and install additional plugins because you can perform all the digital marketing functions using a single tool. This saves a lot of your time, efforts, and financial resources. Hence, GetResponse is the ideal tool to further your online presence and make it prominent.


  1. Is Getresponse free?

    Getresponse does not offer any free plan but it provides 30 days free trial version with unlimited automation templates, unlimited landing pages, unlimited lead funnels and more.

  2. What is Getresponse Website builder?

    Getresponse launches an website builder with Artificial intelligence technology and you can create responsive websites. and they are providing all-in-one complete automation.

  3. Is Getresponse easy to use?

    Yes, it’s simple and pretty easy to use email marketing tool. It’s certainly easy enough to do all the basics in Getresponse: mailing lists, import contacts, create an email campaign, set up autoresponders and check statistics.

GetResponse Website Builder

GetResponse is an AI-powered website builder, and this is one of the most attractive features of this tool. You can create your website easily using the power of artificial intelligence.

Product Brand: GetResponse

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 15

Price Valid Until: 2023-03-31

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:


  • All-in-one software
  • Real-time support in 8 hours
  • Free trial plans
  • Automatic marketing workflows and funnels


  • Their form building system is not that intuitive and limits the functionality
  • Proactive and dedicated customer support is only available to subscribers with the Max plan

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