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Liquid Web VPS Hosting Review 2023 – Everything You Should Know

Liquid Web VPS Hosting Review

One of the most critical things on the internet is security and privacy. It is the sphere that brings the entire world together. As a result, people of all kinds are present on the platform. Therefore, cybercrime is not absent from the internet. The internet is not always a space safe. You can fall under the hands of hackers at any time. To make your internet a safe space and more reliable, you need VPS hosting to have a dedicated server when you share a server with many users. Here is a guide to the best VPS Hosting and what you should keep in mind to choose the same.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting is an acronym of Virtual Private Server Hosting, a hosting service you can use to protect and secure your website. It functions with virtualisation technology to help you have private and dedicated resources on a server when you are sharing a server with numerous users.

Why Choose VPS Hosting?

When you are using a shared server, you may not be able to get a private space. When you rent the whole server, you have to spend a lot of financial resources, which can be unaffordable. Therefore, choosing VPS hosting seems to be the better solution.

Your server hosts all your files and databases required for your website through a web host. Your server plays a vital role because whenever a user wants to visit your website, your server will request their browser. Following this, all the required files are transferred through the internet. VPS uses virtualisation technology for your hosting provider to install a virtual layer for the server’s operating system. The installed virtual layer divides the server into many parts to establish their operating system and software. There are many VPS hosting benefits, one of which separates every user’s server from other servers. Hence, a virtual private server allows users to have complete control and supervision over the server because it is virtual and personal.

What is Liquid Web VPS Hosting?

Liquid Web VPS Hosting is a quality VPS hosting service that allows users to have a dedicated server and cloud hosting under their control. In addition to their Traditional Dedicated, Liquid Web VPS Hosting has also launched their 2-year plans with their VPS packages, allowing your referrals to get the 2GB VPS as low as $15/month! All of the uptime, support, and management you have always highlighted with Liquid Web will remain 100% the same, providing you with the 59 Second Response SLA, 100% uptime guarantee, and Support from The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting!

liquid web support

Free Backups for Everyone

Backups are the ultimate requirement for the proper functioning of every website. If you lose your data, it can cause multiple problems and avoid such a situation, and you should always have a backup. Liquid Web VPS Hosting offers a free backup service for all users with numerous tools for backup, such as easy whole system recovery and multiple layers of protection. It also allows you to control your scheduling options.

Ease of use

Liquid Web VPS Hosting is reliable. It is also easy to use; it uses a simple NodeJS/MongoDB app to send our request with no caching required. Users can access fast loading pages through SSD storage, SSH that allows users to have secure access. It will enable them to have unlimited email accounts. It uses cPanel control to help you get an enhanced WordPress experience. It allows you to load balancers, add block storage, set up a VPN, and set up a custom SSD cloud server with ease. It also offers a Free Migration Service to move all their website files to a new host with ease.

Liquid Web VPS Hosting Features

  • It is user friendly because it offers assistance to its users 24/7. A team of professionals and experts with proficiency in Red Hat Linux, Cisco, and Windows are available to help users with any training or mentoring they require. Users can contact them through the live chat feature, call, or email as well. The team responds to your queries immediately.
  • It offers multiple managed server options that are incredibly reliable. It is a VPS hosting with Cpanel that offers three-tiered support controlled by cPanel or Plesk, core managed, and self-managed. The uptime of its data centres is 100% uptime guaranteed. It additionally comes with a service level agreement that is entirely reliable.
  • It is a VPS hosting cheap that provides robust security to your hosting servers through tools and software such as compliance assistance, firewalls, and advanced DDoS protection. It enables site owners to secure their log storage, cloud storage, and their data as well.
liquid web vps hosting control panels

Simple Cloudflare Integration

Liquid Web VPS Hosting also offers simple Cloudflare integration. Users only need to access their old user interface and go to Domains. Following this, they need to go to the Cloudflare section and put in their valid email address.


liquid web vps hosting performance

Liquid Web VPS hosting has a positive reputation for its high-quality uptime, and they also guarantee 109% uptime. It offers tremendous speed and has a team of experts to help users solve their queries instantly. It gives users a secure, speed, and hassle-free hosting experience. It also prevents downtime when there is a rise in traffic. It can easily manage the overflow of high volume requests, manage multiple visitors, and enhance resources’ functioning. Hence, it does not fail to deliver a high-quality performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

VPS Hosting is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Server Hosting. It is a hosting platform that helps users to protect and secure their website. It uses virtualization technology to help users have private and dedicated resources on a server.

When you are using a shared server, you may not be able to have privacy and security. Purchasing a private server can be very expensive. Using VPS hosting allows you to have privacy and a dedicated server at an affordable rate when sharing the server with multiple users.

A dedicated team of experts to move your site to their servers from your current hosting provider. And migration service is completely free.

If your VPS disk has space, you can host unlimited websites using VPS hosting.

Currently Liquid Web giving a special Introductory Offer on VPS Hosting Plans for new users in may month 2021.

There are four different plans,

  • 2GB RAM plan comes with 2 CPUs and 40GB SSD storage and the price will be $360 when you buy 2 years plan.
  • 4GB RAM plan comes with 4CPUs and 100GB SSD storage and the price will be $600 when you buy 2 years plan.
  • 8GB RAM plan comes with 8 CPUs and 150GB SSD storage and the price will be $840 when you buy 2 years plan.
  • 16GB RAM plan comes with 8 CPUs and 200GB SSD storage and the price will be $2280 when you buy 2 years plan.

Liquid Web managed VPS pricing


Liquid Web VPS Hosting is perhaps the best VPS Hosting you can use for a dedicated server. It is reliable, and you can have personal bandwidth. It is famous for its PHP (LAMP) stack performance, fastest Linux, Apache, and MySQL. It is known for providing the best security to your hosting environment, which is extremely important. The most beneficial part about VPS is that you can host as many websites as you want if your VPS disk space and resources have available space. Ergo, you should certainly try out this hosting service.

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