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Build the Perfect Amazon Product Comparison Table with AAWP

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Build Amazon Product Comparison Table with AAWP Plugin
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What Is a Product Comparison Table?

Comparison tables have become crucial features of the websites that feature product reviews. When you review a particular product, you want to render a detailed comparison of similar products. Comparison helps the readers to identify the best product from a bunch of similar products. Besides review bloggers, affiliate marketing bloggers also need the comparison tables to represent multiple products from a competitive perspective.

So, how can you add a comparison table to your affiliate marketing blogs? You do not need to have deep technical knowledge for creating such compression tables. All you need to do is download the AAWP plug-in and install it on your WordPress blog. You can develop comparison tables featuring multiple Amazon products without facing any hassles.

A comparison table improves the readability of your articles. Comparing multiple products and explaining the differences without tables can be complex. Using the AAWP plug-in for your WordPress blog reduces the hassles of writing a detailed comparison on two or multiple products. When the readability of your articles increases, you will get more web visitors. As a result, you will find a better chance of selling more affiliate products.

8 Tips for Creating a Good Comparison Table

The product comparison table on your affiliate blog should look simple. At the same time, it must offer a detailed comparison of the various features of two or multiple products. Find some useful tips to improve the readability of the comparison tables.

1. Include Product Images

An Amazon product comparison table should include images of the compared products. You should have a crisp and easily visible image for each product in the comparison table. You can link the images with their respective Amazon links. Therefore, buyers can easily reach the Amazon product pages by clicking those images. Images make the comparison table attractive, and thus click-through rates for the affiliate products can increase from the comparison table of your blog.

2. Updated Product Price

The product comparison tables often compare various features of multiple products. In many cases, the website owners do not add the prices of the products. A buyer also decides to purchase a product depending on the price comparison. Therefore, adding prices of the products will make the comparison tables more information-rich for the web visitors. Product prices may change from time to time, and you thus need to update the prices frequently.

3. Call to Action

You can improve affiliate sales by adding a call-to-action (CTA) button to the comparison tables. At the end of each product, you can add a CTA button to encourage the readers to visit the Amazon store product page. Driving traffic from the blog to the actual Amazon product page is the goal of every affiliate marketer. Therefore, adding CTAs with product links is essential to find more buyers for affiliate products.

4. Color Marking

Using color marking is a crucial strategy to improve the visibility of your affiliate products. Affiliate marketers often want to promote a particular product. However, using a direct promotional pitch may not attract many buyers. Indirect promotional pitches encourage potential buyers to visit the product page and purchase a product. On the comparison table, you can use a background color to highlight your affiliate products so that the click-through rate of such products increases.

5. Focus on the Most Crucial Product Details

The comparison table should not go into technical jargon, as most buyers do not understand the technical aspects of a product. They have certain expectations from a product, and a comparison table helps them find a product that can potentially serve buyers' expectations. Therefore, you need to recognize the most crucial features of a product and compare the features with similar products.

6. Open Links in New Tabs

Whenever you add product links in images and CTAs in the comparison table, you should ensure that links open in a new tab for the users. Such a feature improves the user experience, as they do not have to come back to your page every time after clicking on a product link.

7. Simplicity Is the Key

A product comparison table should look simple. Adding too many elements to the table will make it messy. As a result, the readers will find difficulty reading the details. A simple table structure and regular text fonts are recommended to maintain comparison table simplicity.

8. Responsiveness

The product comparison table should be responsive. In other words, the table should be mobile-friendly. Smartphone users should not find any difficulty accessing and reading the details of the comparison table.

AAWP Table Builder


You can easily develop tables on a web page if you know HTML. However, such tables look simple and unattractive. Moreover, you need to build responsive tables so that smartphone users can read the information on your blog without facing any hassles. More than 80% of internet users use smartphone devices to access blogs and websites. So, you cannot ignore the importance of having a responsive comparison table for your blogs.

AAWP is a perfect WordPress plug-in for creating such responsive tables. Moreover, it is effortless to incorporate the tables into your blogs using this plug-in. You can add multiple Amazon products and compare their features through the plug-in.

Advantages of AAWP Comparison Tables

Downloading and installing the AAWP comparison table on your WordPress blog has many advantages. In the following section, find the benefits of using this comparison table builder plug-in.

  • Improve Affiliate Revenue: The AAWP plug-in has been developed for affiliate marketers who want to improve revenue by featuring a detailed product comparison table to the readers. The plug-in creates a simple and eye-catching comparison table, which eventually encourages buyers to click affiliate product links and purchase the products from the Amazon store.
  • Amazon Compliant: You can easily add Amazon products to this plug-in, as it is Amazon compliant. Moreover, it will keep the prices, features, and availability of the products updated due to Amazon compliance. Therefore, affiliate marketers have to put minimal effort into updating the comparison table information.
  • Time-Saving: You can build comparison tables using HTML, though developing detailed and responsive product comparison tables will be time-consuming. Using the AAWP plug-in helps you create a product comparison table in a few seconds. Add the product details and publish them to create a table.

How to Create a Comparison Table?

Creating a comparison table for Amazon affiliate products using the AAWP plug-in is simple. Find the steps for creating such a table in the following section.

You can use a background color to highlight the AAWP product boxes. Using the background colors for a particular product among multiple products in comparison will improve the click-through rate for the highlighted product.

Step 1

Go to the Menu and click on AAWP. A drop-down menu will open, and you need to click on Tables to create a comparison table.

Step 2

  • Click on Add New to create a new table
  • Choose a title and add rows
  • Add products using ASIN or product name search

Step 3

When the table is ready, you need to copy the shortcode and paste it into your blog to publish the table.


1. How to install AAWP?

Visit and download the plug-in. After downloading it, you need to login to your WordPress blog and visit the Upload Plug-in section. Upload the plug-in to install it on your WordPress blog or website.

2. How to use AAWP tables?

You can use the AAWP table to create a comparison table for two or multiple Amazon products. The table is Amazon compliant, and thus you can add an Amazon product using ASIN. Alternatively, you can use the search bar of the plug-in to find and add products.

3. How to insert an AAWP in thrive architect?

You need to purchase the Thrive Architect plug-in for accessing it. Once you have completed a purchase, you can follow the below steps.

  • Visit Thrive Product Manager
  • Select Thrive Architect
  • Click on Install and Activate

4. How to style AAWP product boxes?

You can use a background color to highlight the AAWP product boxes. Using the background colors for a particular product among multiple products in comparison will improve the click-through rate for the highlighted product.

5. Can I use AAWP without Amazon API key?

No, You can not use the AAWP Plugin without using amazon API to retrieve the product information.


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