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Semrush Academy Review – Free Online Digital Marketing Courses

Semrush academy review

Semrush is a popular and reputed company in the online digital marketing field. It is an all-in-one tool that online marketers famously use to increase their marketing efforts and improve their online visibility.

Semrush Academy is a subsidiary of Semrush. It is a platform that offers several free courses and certifications to broaden your digital marketing knowledge. You can learn about search engine optimization fundamentals, mobile SEO, keyword search, and more. If you want to learn about SEO and content marketing, Semrush Academy’s courses offer all the SEO knowledge you need.

Semrush is a company you can depend on when it comes to SEO tools, but can we say the same about its subsidiary platform. So in this review, we will look into if Semrush Academy is as good as its parent company.

Who is Semrush Academy for?

Semrush is one of the best SEO tools available in the market. It has a platform called Semrush Academy created for people to sharpen their digital marketing knowledge in their interested areas like SEO, email marketing, social media or content marketing. Whether you’re looking to start from basic or professional at digital marketing and trying to find some advanced strategies, this platform has all you need. You can learn Semrush courses to master your skills and knowledge.

free digital marketing courses

The courses are taught by a team of skilled and expert Semrush professionals who can explain different concepts, methods, and techniques that will help you when you’re working for a business.

Semrush Academy comprises more than 30 free courses that help you master new skills. Wait till you hear the best part. All of the courses and certification exams are absolutely free. What could have been better than this? So, there’s no explanation needed as to why more than 2,00,000 users have already registered for the courses and become certified marketers. Without a doubt, Semrush Academy offers one of the best online digital marketing classes.

Why enroll for this course?

Firstly, the registration is free, and after completing the course and the exams, you will get a Semrush certification. The courses cover both basic and advanced concepts. People who are new to digital marketing will be provided great help with the courses offered by Semrush Academy. Even if you are already in the industry, the more helpful and advanced courses can help you keep up with the latest tools and trends.

Semrush course certification

All the courses are free and are taught by industry experts. Besides explaining the different concepts, they also teach you how these can be applied in practice. You’ll also learn how to use Semrush correctly, which can increase your chances of running successful digital marketing campaigns.

What can you learn with Semrush Academy?

Semrush Academy enables you to learn different courses for free such as SEO courses and content marketing. It comprises more than 30 free courses and certification exams, mainly in English and Spanish and French, taught by a team of skilled and reputed digital marketing professionals.

Semrush Academy offers several courses like SEO techniques, content marketing, email marketing, PPC, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing.  The course material includes both video and text, so the courses are easily understandable. You will also develop practical, real-world knowledge of Semrush tools, solve SEO-related activities, and deliver satisfying outcomes.

free online marketing courses

Benefits of using Semrush Academy

There are a lot of benefits to using this platform, such as:

  • You can avail all the courses for free.
  • Flexible class hours.
  • Skilled and expert teachers.
  • Helpful career preparation.
  • You will get a certificate for Free.

Are Semrush Academy courses worth the time?

Honestly and without any biased opinion, Semrush courses are absolutely worth your time. There’s a lot of valuable information you’ll need for digital marketing. Most of the courses can be completed within less than 1 hour.

Their courses are highly inclusive and offer a guide to SEO with all the tools to become an SEO expert. It goes deeply into all the best and need-to-know features of the SEO tool to help you drive better results.

In the end, whether the courses are worth your time or not depends on you. If you know how to consume the content the right way, you’ll be taking something good and helpful with you. All we’ve got to say is with so much to offer for free, how can it possibly not be worth your time.

Semrush Academy Vs Moz Academy Vs Ahrefs Academy Comparison

HeaderSemrush AcademyAhrefs AcademyMoz Academy




Starting from $49

Free Courses



Yes (Limited)

Paid Courses









By now, we know Semrush Academy is a platform that offers free courses for people who need assistance with digital marketing. This academy has a number of free digital marketing courses to provide its users to make it easy for them to understand and use SEO. There is a lot of extra material provided for you to read. When you’re starting on something, you’re unsure if a certain platform is a right choice. You are hesitant about investing a huge amount of money.

Even if the platform is for free, you’re concerned about the quality. But with Semrush, you do not have to worry about compromising on quality. A lot of effort has been put into creating the courses to give the best and fullest satisfaction to its users. It offers high-quality courses and rewards you with a certificate for your hard work. This is undoubtedly the best choice in the market for your online digital marketing journey.

FAQs on Semrush Academy

  1. What is the best SEO course?

    Semrush Academy by Semrush is one of the best SEO courses available in the market, Semrush academy offering free courses and certifications.

  2. Is Semrush certification free?

    Yes, when you complete a Semrush course and pass the test, you will be awarded an official certificate for free.

  3. Do I need a Semrush subscription to enroll in Semrush Academy?

    No, you do not require a paid subscription to start learning SEO with Semrush Academy.

  4. What is Semrush Academy?

    Semrush Academy is designed to learn digital marketing such as SEO, email marketing and content marketing.

  5. How long is the free trial of Semrush?

    Semrush offers 7 days of free trial on pro plan.

  6. Is Semrush Academy good for beginners?

    Semrush Academy is an excellent way to learn the basics of SEO. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate user, the variety of courses offered is perfect for everyone. You can take courses in SEO, PPC, link building, social media marketing and more.

  7. How long does it take to learn Semrush?

    Learning how to use Semrush can take a long time depending on the user’s experience with SEO and digital marketing. Semrush has a free trial which is beneficial for those who are just starting to learn the basics.

  8. How much Semrush Academy courses and exams cost?

    Semrush Academy courses are made using the best practices in the digital marketing industry. The courses are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to make them successful digital marketers. The courses in Semrush academy is completely free.

  9. Who teaches your Semrush academy courses?

    Semrush has a team of instructors consisting of industry experts, who are well-versed in the field. This ensures that the training is up to date with all the latest trends and developments.

Semrush Academy

Semrush Academy Review - Semrush Provides best SEO & Digital Marketing courses to Master your Skills & Knowledge. Check Best SEO Courses

Product Brand: Semrush

Editor's Rating:


  • Highly skilled instructors
  • Flexible lecture time
  • Free
  • High-quality content


  • Limited coverage
  • Not good for advanced SEO
  • Boring videos

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