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5 Best Stock Photos sites in 2023


Every startup looks for a professional touch in all the contents they create whether it may be blogs, websites, presentations, videos. So everyone prefers professional photos in their content and hiring a professional photographer would cost you more if you are just started your business. There are a lot of stock photo provider websites with a community of freelancer photographers and editors. Choosing a stock photo website would give you good collections and more money savings than anything else. We recommend the top 5 websites for stock photos for your business and personal use.


Freepik offers you millions of photos and vectors with more than 3 million collections in total. It is easy for anyone to filter the images in Freepik. You could make your content with the support of millions of stock photos offered by Freepik with their policies.

Freepik has a free plan where you can use all the images but you should attribute the author and Freepik where you are using the images. The premium plan comes with an access of 3 million premium content online and no need to attribute, the paid plan comes with a monthly subscription plan of $7.5 per month. If you are an individual then you can choose a free plan and attribute it or if you are a business take the premium plan.


Shutterstock has a powerful presence of stock photos over the internet and is the most popular stock photo, video, vector collection available online. The total collection of contents is around 300 million contents and is updating around 10,000 contents daily with a community of contributors and editors worldwide. If you are searching for good quality photos and videos and you need more photos or videos daily for your business then Shutterstock is the right place for your search.

There is no free plan available in Shutterstock and you have to pay for anything that you use in Shutterstock. Choosing Shutterstock as an option depends upon two factors; one is the quality of contents and the other is your daily requirement of stock photos if you need more choose $299 per month plan. If you need fewer stock photos and choosing a lower plan may cost you more. Shutterstock has a unique feature of online photo editor that is very easy to use for anyone with less knowledge in photo editing.


Unsplash is also a wide collection of stock photos and videos with the support of 60,000 contributors worldwide. This is a perfect option for designers to download and modify the photos with other editing software. You can attribute the author but is not necessary for Unsplash because it is licensed under Creative Common Zero.

Unsplash can be used commercially or non-commercially by modifying the photos without giving attribution to its author.


Pixels is a stock photo collection for designers with the support of UI mockups. You can download and modify the photos from Pixels and use them for your content without the attribution to the authors. Pixels offers a large collection of photos with some contributors worldwide.

Pixels come with annual and monthly subscription plans. Pixels is licensed under Creative Common Zero and you can use it for blogger and other websites including commercial and non-commercial usages.

Deposit Photos

Deposit Photos have all types of vector images and photos for you to develop your content attractively and professionally. It supports multiple languages and has everything that is required for making your projects looking impressive. Deposit Photos also have a free collection of vectors and photos but not everything in Deposit Photos is free.

Deposit Photos has a flexible plan which is nearly affordable at $9.99 per month, you can download 10 photos and vectors initially, but after a certain limit, you have to pay $1 per each after the limit.

Making your content attractive and professional is of greater importance when considering the overall project. You can choose any of the stock photos available online. You can take paid stock photos if you can afford and need the uniqueness of your photos. If you looking for saving money and still need some not bad images to take free stock photo websites for your project. Selection is your choice and ultimately depends upon the number of images you download and the amount you can spend towards stock photos.

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