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Top 5 Marketing Automation Tools in 2023


Marketing automation is rapidly increasing its phase to a new level, it is found that the marketing automation industry’s current market is approximately $500 million in 2020 and is expected to grow 12 times in 2025. Two of three companies, that is 66% have a minimum one marketing automation platform, which can be extended up to 80% in the near future.

There is a lot of marketing automation software available in the market, but spending your valuable money for the software which has all the required features and suits your marketing budget is of greater importance. Here are some of them which you may be interested in paying and comes with all the trending features of 2022.



Hubspot comes with an all in one package of marketing software, sales software, support software integrated on Hubspot’s CRM. Hubspot’s CRM is a combination of tools for your data and statistics in a single place. Workflows can be created using an easy to use visual board where you can create simple and complex conditional workflows.

Hubspot also provides you with the support of Hubspot’s Academy for learning the tool if you are a newbie. After getting the basic knowledge of the tool, then it could help you with a wide range of possibilities including autoresponders for emails, setting rules for target specific users, website experience, and live chat. Hubspot is available in free version without marketing automation but it is not worth if you are planning to use automation, the paid versions may cost even higher as compared to other marketing automation tools. hubspot support email to help with the tool.


Zoho is a moderate level of email marketing and automation tool in the market. Like all other automation software, Zoho also provides automated email response, a wide range of templates, and integration of  Zoho CRM.

Zoho makes it easier for importing and exporting of contacts by using the sync function. You can check the statistics and analyze the activity on the go by using the Zoho mobile app. The pricing of Zoho is done in two ways depending upon the subscription and email credit basis. The subscription plan ranges up to $350 per month and the email credit plan ranges up to $750 per month. In the free plan, the contacts are limited up to 2000 subscribers.


Convertkit is the simplest marketing automation tool which is specially designed for content creators and bloggers if you are a newbie in marketing automation then trying Convertkit could be a wise decision because of the simplicity. Convertkit recommends users send plain texts other than giving the email software experience which was one of the key selling points in other automation tools in the market today.

Convertkit is an affordable choice for business starters and content creators. It can be used for sending newsletter emails with greater audience reach. The pricing of Convertkit starts from $29 per month for up to 2000 subscribers.


Adobe had acquired Marketo and plugged in as a part of the Adobe enterprise marketing cloud. This integration of Adobe with Marketo will be useful if you use Adobe analytics for data measurement and Adobe target for experimentation.

Marketo is specially targeted for enterprise customers and is not easily affordable for small businesses or bloggers unless you have the marketing budget. As an enterprise, you can pay for Marketo and Adobe enterprise marketing cloud. The support from Adobe is excellent for your enterprise marketing automation. It also has mobile marketing features like SMS and push notifications.


Getresponse is another simple to use marketing automation tool which has different features. It is an easy to use marketing automation tool which provides you with better results. Getresponse comes with simple features like email newsletters and analysis.

Getresponse is simple yet complicated depending upon the usage, if you set complex rules then it becomes harder for you to manage it unless you are an expert. The pricing of Getresponse is based on the number of subscribers, which starts from $15 per month for 1000 subscribers and increases based on the subscribers count.

You can choose any of the listed marketing automation tools which completely depends on your requirement as the primary focus and the budget for marketing. The features are essential but remain secondary as the return of investment is considered. Some may provide you with endless features at a higher price but selecting the marketing automation tool based on your requirement will save you a lot of money for future marketing.

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