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A website’s hosting service may make or ruin its future. You may have extremely extensive, impressive, and valuable material on your website. However, it is useless unless it is easily accessible to the viewers. A website’s ultimate goal is to exchange information with individuals all over the world. And web hosting keeps your site up and running. Therefore, an excellent hosting environment is critical for a website. A managed secure WordPress hosting service takes things a step further. It is responsible for ensuring the seamless operation of a website and improving its performance.

This article will look at A basic yet attractive WordPress managed hosting service provider to make WordPress hosting simple and straightforward. We shall investigate its aspects in depth. While reading the article, you will learn about its perks and how it may benefit you. We’ll also see if follows through on its promises.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

Managed hosting implies that the web hosting firm will handle all day-to-day server administration on behalf of the site owner. It is a service package in which the hosting service provider assumes all responsibility for administering and managing an organization’s website hosting. The services provided by a managed WordPress hosting package may differ from host to host. Still, in most cases, they include OS updates and upgrading, administration of hardware and system infrastructures, security services, and customer service. WordPress managed hosting service focuses solely on WordPress websites. Daily, it handles all of the activities associated with operating and improving a WordPress site.

Managing a website’s hosting is a challenging process. It is fraught with difficulties. Another advantage of managed hosting is that it saves you energy and time. Simply sign up for the plan and unwind. The secure WordPress hosting firm will handle all of the chores. Another advantage is that if you lack technical knowledge, it will not stand in your way. Someone else will be in charge of making your site online and working well on your behalf.

WooCommerce hosting by woocommerce hosting

With its WooCommerce hosting solution, improves the website’s loading speed and assists you in optimizing it for conversion. It is intended to provide clients with a pleasurable and enjoyable buying experience. The service’s auto-installation and auto-optimization capabilities undertake the heavy work and assure a higher SEO position. In addition, it gives auto-updates on the most recent improvements in the themes and plugins areas.

The proposal also includes website security. In addition, there is an experienced support staff that is always available to you and will assist you throughout your journey, from the stage of establishing your site to the stage of building your network.

Managed WordPress hosting by wordpress managed hosting WordPress managed hosting is excellent for personal or business websites of any size. It assists you in growing your business by providing optimized WordPress installations, enterprise servers, and automated upgrades for themes, plugins, and the WordPress core. Every WordPress installation includes a website firewall to keep your site safe and protected. Cloudflare Enterprise CDN automatically serves your websites in over 200 locations worldwide. It attempts to maintain a site as near to the users as possible and immediately improves loading speed and YSlow score.

Hosting becomes shockingly simple with It has never been easier to host a WordPress site. All you have to do is register an account, select a plan, deploy your site in the control room, and share your web domain with Then, your website will be operational. Nothing further needs to be done. With, even non-technical people with no prior knowledge may host their website with only a few clicks.

Features of

Finding a perfect web hosting provider is akin to searching for pearls in the sea. There are thousands of possibilities on the market. Most of the time, you’re unsure which one to choose. In such a case, you may believe that if someone could recommend a name, it would relieve you of the burden of sorting through hundreds of alternatives and then choosing the ideal one. That is what we will accomplish in this article. features

Here is a list of features of


Your visitors anticipate a website to load completely within 2 seconds. Overlooking your website’s sluggishness is the worst error that can ruin your WordPress site performance.’s ultimate goal is to increase the performance of a website. It accelerates your website within moments after installation. The caching mechanism and built-in content optimization assure quick loading speed, increased SEO position, and enhanced user experience. Here are some of the things it provides to help your website load faster:

  • Free Cloudflare Enterprise CDN
  • Google font optimization
  • Built-in caching
  • Brotli compression  


WordPress Hosting from safeguards your website from hackers around the clock with built-in security mechanisms. Therefore, there is no need to instal extra plugins or software to improve your website’s security and safety. Here are some list of the security measures that come with

  • Website farewell
  • Malware patching
  • Weak password prevention
  • Brute force protection
  • Automated bot protection  

Platforms is a well-documented, sophisticated but user-friendly framework. Almost all of its characteristics are self-explanatory. As a result, is valuable for everyone, whether you are a novice or an expert. Here are some of the distinctive features it provides to help you operate your website successfully:

  • Simple control panel
  • Enterprise servers
  • Daily backups
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Global edge network
  • NGINX + PHP 7.4

So, does achieve its primary goal? Is it appropriate for you? Are we looking at a magical place that you weren’t aware of until now? In this hosting review,  all of those things are addressed.

Pros of for WordPress

Good Loading Time

People’s primary expectation of a website host is excellent results. A website’s loading speed has an impact on its success. Nobody appreciates a sluggish website. Visitors are annoyed by it. Everybody, on the other hand, prefers a site that loads quickly. guarantees lightning-fast speeds. Once you’ve installed it, your site will be noticeably quicker.

Free Migration for websites

Most site hosts are apprehensive about Migration. This is because it places a lot of strain on the user since it requires a lot of work. Furthermore, most of the services accessible on the market for this purpose do not always produce good outcomes.’s free migration solution alleviates all of these concerns. It ensures a risk-free and trouble-free move. It is pre-installed with free migration plugins. All you have to do is generate a token with your login, and the free plugin will take you to your selected location with your data.

Customer Support’s most enticing aspect is its excellent customer service. It is well ahead of most of its competitors in this regard. The live chat feature is quite strong. If you have a problem, go to live chat, and your inquiries will be answered right away by an expert. If you report a problem, they will strive to remedy it as quickly as possible.

Free CDN and SSL certificate

Today, an SSL certificate is a required component of any website. This is because it safeguards sensitive data that is sent between websites and devices. However, obtaining an SSL certificate is not as simple as it appears. There are several formalities required. However, if you subscribe to any services, you will receive a free SSL certificate for your website. In addition, Google Chrome now alerts websites that do not have SSL certificates that they will be charged.

Another essential aspect of the hosting service is that it offers a free cloud content delivery network, often known as a CDN. It enables you to save huge files to the cloud. The feature’s unique characteristic is that it seeks to store files near the consumer base and provides them to customers whenever a request is made. Cloud storage services are often charged. However, provides them for free.

Good Security Tools

Everyone is concerned about data security. has a plethora of built-in security mechanisms. These features provide round-the-clock security against hackers, viruses, and attacks.

Cons of for WordPress

A bit pricey’s hosting packages start at $25 a month. This is a significant sum compared to the price ranges of the rivals, which include numerous market leaders. Aside from that, the renewal fees are quite exorbitant. This is a significant disadvantage. Price is an essential consideration in every buying choice. Customers may move to another brand if competitors provide equivalent items at a cheaper price.

Limited to WordPress Only

Another downside of is that it is only for WordPress and does not support any other system. It shortens its range. Regardless of how appealing the features are, since you’re not a WordPress user, the door is locked to you.

Plans & Pricing pricing

The Starter Plan 

This plan is preferable for personal and bloggers use only. It costs $25 per month and is intended to boost the performance of a single WordPress site.’s WordPress hosting allows for 25000 visitors per month and provides 10 GB of storage space. In addition, the package includes a free SSL certificate, CDN, and WAF.

The Pro Plan 

The pro package is intended for professional use and is intended to let you broaden your horizons with numerous WordPress site instals. It supports three websites, allows for 100,000 visits, and provides 20 GB of storage. The package includes a free SSL certificate, CDN, and WAF. It costs $50 each month to subscribe.

The Business Plan  

The business plan is intended for small and medium-sized firms, as well as new ventures. Its objective is to let you expand your business by increasing the number of installations, storages, and visitors. It enables ten WordPress websites, allowing for 250000 visitors, and provides 40 GB of storage. Aside from these, it comes with a free SSL certificate, CDN, and WAF. The monthly fee is $83 for the plan.

The Agency Plan  

The agency plan is designed for corporate websites that are both professional and massive. It enables you to handle several customers with a large number of resources. It allows 25 WordPress websites, enables 500000 visitors per month, and provides 50 GB of storage space. This package, like all others, offers a free SSL certificate, CDN, and WAF. The package is available for $166 per month.

All options include free hosting accounts and are invoiced yearly. In addition, there are several payment options available.

How to Setup WordPress Installation in Hosting?

If you are a beginner and don’t know about the WordPress setup in, this section is just for you. To do this, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Launch launch offer

Currently offers Launch Offer to provide hosting for $1 for first month on all plans.

Step 2: Click on Create Site below the “My Dashboard” section. client area dashboard

Step 3: Now, in Site Details, you have to put your WordPress admin username, password and email address. wordpress installation setup

Step 2: Now, in WordPress Information, you will need to select the server region location. server location

Step 5: Click on Continue and see the your WordPress website information. wordpress installation completed

Why Did I Switch to

For me, is a great opportunity.

I was constantly looking for performance-focused WordPress hosting that outperformed WPX in terms of backend performance and page speed. However, it’s not just about results.

This platform has capabilities that obviate the need for commercial versions of WordPress plugins. Because they are embedded into your new platform, security, malware detection, image optimization, CDN, and JS content loaders may all be deleted. It allows you to run your site more efficiently, which increases the performance of your site. It is a fully packed solution designed specifically for excellent performance on a WordPress site.

My current page speed as per the GTMetrix,

gtmetrix pagespeed after migration


How good is

If you want better website speed, an excellent client experience, and robust security, is the right solution. It also offers you customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Does offer email?

No, not offering email hosting.

Does offer free WordPress migrations?

Yes, specialists will migrate an infinite number of WordPress sites to their system free of charge.

Can I use a caching plugin with

Yes, works with every WordPress plugin, which includes caching plugins like WP Rocket

Is secure?

Yes, is known as the secure WordPress hosting platform. Cloudflare Enterprise optimizes and delivers, the only all-in-one WordPress platform. Every WordPress installation is supplied as quickly and securely as possible, thanks to the built-in CDN and WAF.


There is fierce rivalry in the web hosting market. Various prominent brands offer their services at a low cost. The freebies make the battle even more difficult. Despite these obstacles,’s WordPress hosting has managed to carve out a niche for itself in the industry. Its lightning-fast speed distinguishes it.

And the fact that it provides a free Cloudflare CDN account and SSL certificate makes it the top option for many people. Almost no other brand can compete with its customer service. The prices are a little steep, but they are acceptable given the features that each bundle delivers. Overall, is a wonderful option that makes WordPress hosting really easy and uncomplicated. Let us know what you think about this secure WordPress Hosting service in the comments section below.

To acquire the same degree of CloudFlare service on your site, you would need to pay at least the Cloudflare Business Plan ($200/month), while provides these capabilities free with every WordPress installation!

FAQs on

1. What is WordPress Hosting? is WordPress managed hosting with friendly control panel. is fastest, easiest and secure to host your WordPress website.

2. What is Uptime Rate?

According to their website, has a 99.99% Uptime. This means that your website will be up and operating almost constantly, ensuring that sales and visitors are never disturbed. It will be difficult to find a service with a higher uptime!

3. Why we would recommend hosting?

Yes, We always 100% recommend using Everyone look for two main indicators in any Hosting Service – Uptime and Page Speed. offers 99.99% Uptime and excellent speed. Not to mention their in-built Security Suite and 24/7 Support.

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