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How to Track Email Open Rates and Link Clicks

track email open rates

To learn the basic methodology of tracking an email open rates and links we must know what tracking an email means and is it important for an email to track? If yes, why?

What is Email Tracking?

Email tracking in simple words is a method of monitoring the delivery of emails and the intentional recipient. This can be easily done by using technologies that some brands have introduced. Most tracking technologies use digital equipment or time-stamped record to make sure that the Email is sent to the planned recipient, to disclose the date and time when the Email was sent, received, opened and read. It also discloses the IP address of the recipient.

Importance of Tracking an Email

Tracking email is highly valuable for business if you are an affiliate marketer or business person that sell products and have a social reputation that needs to be maintained. In this era of technology, many businesses attract their customers online with ads and send emails to them with their products.

Email tracking helps a business to know the very response of their clients. With the tracking of an email, they get access to where an IP address clicks most, on which website people spend the most of their time. When an email of any product is sent, do the clients click and buy it or not. So, email tracking is important because of the data it yields.

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How to Track an Email

Many methods have been introduced to track an email

WP Mail SMTP Plugin

The best way for tracking an email for an affiliate marketer is WP Mail SMTP Plugin. 

WP mail SMTP is an efficient plugin for WordPress. One can make the delivery of their WordPress email easier with the help of this plugin. But first, we need to know how to configure WP mail SMTP Plugin.

Install the WP SMTP Plugin

The first step you have to take is to install and activate the WP Mail SMTP Plugin on your device. Take the following steps:

  • Reach the Dashboard of your site
  • Click on plugins
  • Click on add new
  • Search for WP mail SMPT
  • Click install
  • Once installed it is ready to be activated
  • The WordPress Email Logging Feature

    After you have successfully activated the plugin, go to the settings of your WordPress site. Take the following steps:

  • Click Email on the menu
  • Click Enable Log
  • Click Enable Email Open Tracking too
  • And finally click Link tracking
  • Click on save settings
  • Now, this plugin will track all of your emails on a remote mode.

    WPSMTP Email Logging

    Read Recipients

    Another smart way to track an email is Read Recipients.

    Read recipients is a feature introduced by Microsoft Outlook and some other clients of Email. It helps an email sender to know when was the Email opened or read. In order to receive such notification, the recipient is ought to allow read receipts in their email settings or authorize the sending of notification after opening the Email received.

    This is an invasion to the notification system. Some electronic mail systems might be defensive, and the notification email might go straight to the black hole.

    So, this method for tracking I at a loss and used less commonly because it is very unreliable. Still, it has one major positive point: if you receive an email with receipt notification, it must have been authorized.

    Trackable Links

    The final way to track an email is by using Trackable Links.

    You can use trackable links in your Email, a link connected to content stored in zipped and cloud-based storage. This approach gives reliable email click rates. This method is used commonly.

    Using trackable links apps or software lets you see what your clients or customers click on and vie the most. This helps a marketing or business person easily point out what they need on their social sites that attract customers the most.


    Email tracking saves time and gives you the smart opinion that if someone hasn’t opened the first mail yet, it is unnecessary to send the second one. It also provides you with records and context that you keep. Without any hesitation, everyone knows record keeping is always helpful.

    These methods and techniques help you get more open and clicks, which is used to calculate common tracking matrices.

    • Open rate
    • Click-through rate
    • Click to open rate
    • Click to send rate

    In all the above discussed methods, the most common and helpful is WP Mail SMTP Plugin because affiliate marketers and bloggers are the people who need tracking Email the most for the efficiency of their work.

    Also, that method is completely reliable and authorized.

    Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links to products on this blog are affiliate links. It means, at no additional cost to you, we’ll earn some commission if you buy any product through the links.

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