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Introducing Improved MonsterInsights eCommerce Addon and Project Delight

eCommerce Addon and Project Delight

We always value our customers’ feedback to make MonsterInsights the best plugin of Google Analytics for WordPress.

As a part of this journey, we introduce our latest and updated eCommerce addon and project delight.

This updated eCommerce addon comes with new integrations. Here after, you can easily set up the tracking of eCommerce on websites powered with the restricted Content Pro plugins and GiveWP.

In addition to this, we have also moved the entire experience of using MonsterInsights to the next level.

Before going to the latest eCommerce Tracking, let us first know how to add MonsterInsights eCommerce tracking to the WordPress, LifterLMS, MemberPress, and Easy Store Digital Downloads.

You have to travel with the pulse of audience to succeed in any eCommerce business. Our new eCommerce tracking provides you with all the information/data required for your MemberPress, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download Store and LifterLMS.

You can integrate the tracking of Google Analytics eCommerce with the WordPress stores in just a few clicks.

In the new report of eCommerce in WordPress admin, you can see the critical data/information you require at a glance like your transactions, conversion rate, average order value, revenue and so on. Then scroll down to know where the traffic is coming from.

The eCommerce data/information is always presented understandably, and it can also optimize the store and understand the customers.

ECommerce tracking includes purchasing activities like:

  • Average order value
  • Popular product
  • eCommerce conversion rate

MonsterInsights always furnishes the data/information required in making eCommerce business successful. Let us now know the detailed insights of the latest amendments.

Latest eCommerce Tracking:

If you are willing to grow your eCommerce store, it’s essential to understand your audience. We help you know your customer’s shopping behavior so that you can easily drive more revenue through your store.

We are also going to expand our supported plugins list. From now onwards, MonsterInsights regularly works with Restricted Content Pro and GiveWP.

Restricted Content Pro is considered as a popular membership plugin for WordPress that lets you create membership levels, offer content to members, and easily manage users from your dashboard.

Where GiveWP lets you manage donors, collect donations, and build the donation forms. It is also referred to as the best WordPress donation plugin.

ecommerce integrations monsterinsights

It’s very easy for you to see the performance of your online store with these new integrations. You can also know which strategies are working.

With this new eCommerce addon, there is no requirement to hire a developer or edit code. You can easily track the Restricted Content Pro site and GiveWP website’s performance in just a few clicks.

MonsterInsights always furnishes the data/information required in making eCommerce business successful. Let us now know the detailed insights of the latest amendments.

Latest improvements in Project Delight:

We pay special attention to all your needs and requirements at MonsterInsights. Also, we listen to all your feedback carefully.

We are pleased to introduce Project Delight in this release. The reason for introducing this Project Delight is very simple. It ensures the usage of MonsterInsights; the overall experience is a delight.

It also ensures you get the best experience. We have improved our dashboard design, reporting accuracy, and enhanced capability. The user can easily find the most important information/data about the visitors and make business decisions for the growth of their company.

Now, the contextual insights feature making it very easy to spot the settings and reports. Also, it is taking to the mentioned feature directly now.

Through this way, you can save your time, and you don’t have to click various setting options or reports to get to what you actually require. The plugin will highlight and scroll the report settings for you.

Besides the above features, we have also developed the styles for the most famous posts, such that they look good on the website. The post rotation in the widget can also be enhanced.

The latest integrations also provide better exposure for the content and ensure them to be visible to the viewers. In this way, you can keep visitors on your website, boost your engagement, and create more internal links opportunities.

And that’s it about the latest amendments of eCommerce addon and project delight.

The integration of new eCommerce along with Project Delight is available now on MonsterInsights.

So, Why delay? Click MonsterInsights and apply these latest amendments to your website.

We always appreciate your feedback and continuous support for making MonsterInsights the next level in providing the best WP Google Analytics plugin.

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