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How to Boost Website Speed 10x Faster Using gtag.js Locally

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How to Boost Website Speed
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Millions of marketers, digital marketers, internet company owners, website owners, innovators, and others use Google Analytics. Data and insights from events recorded on your website are referred to as analytics. It's a data collection and insights from your users' activity throughout your web pages, as well as demographics and interests, and statistics on your site's performance, such as SEO and Google site speed. Once you've installed Google Analytics on your site, scripts like analytics.js and gtag.js will be loaded to track and gather data from occurrences on your webpage.

Let's take a look at today's chapter on how to boost site speed by hosting gtag.js locally. But first of all, let's learn the basics about gtag.js.

What is gtag.js? How gtag.js slows down your google site speed?

Gtag.js is a package of JavaScript variables, methods, and programs that you may put on your site. It helps compare various products or Google products and sending event data to Google Analytics.

Analytics programs like gtag JavaScript may slow your website's performance. Any extra code or JavaScript on your site may slow down the loading of your page. However, JavaScript is the only way we can gather information from our site's visitors or events.

google analytics script

It's also used to allow people to engage with your web pages. Nevertheless, a hefty JavaScript might add weight to your site's file, slowing down the performance of your Google site.

How to boost Google Site Speed By Hosting gtag.js Locally?

The Domain Name System, or DNS, is a database that stores domain names and converts them to IP addresses. It's like an online phonebook. DNS lookup implies that every time a user or visitor searches for a certain domain name, the request is passed to the DNS server. An IP address connected with that web domain is returned. Users and visitors may now view the site's web pages as a consequence.

monsterinsights performance addon

Take your site as an example: each time a user searches for your web domain, a DNS lookup process occurs. The browser handles this DNS lookup procedure. As a result, before your user can see your web pages, it will take a little time to refresh or until the DNS lookup is completed. According to the YSlow statistics, DNS lookups might take anywhere from 20 to 120 seconds to complete.

This procedure alone might have a significant impact on the speed with which your site loads. With your web page speed score, you have a 'leverage browser caching 'issue. When website owners use any page performance testing tool, such as Google Site Speed, this is one of the most typical difficulties they encounter. Suppose your web server's expiration periods are set too low or have no browser caching constraints. In that case, the Page Speed Insight tool will frequently report this problem.

There are several reasons why your Google site is sluggish, and these are only two of them. What if we told you that you no longer had to be concerned about Google Analytics monitoring scripts slowing down your website? Since you can now reduce the time, it takes your site to load by hosting gtag.js on your website.

By hosting your gtag.js locally, you'll avoid the extra DNS lookup, have complete control over your file's caching, and be able to take use of browser caching, all of which will improve your page performance score.

With MonsterInsights most recent version, you may now host gtag.js locally on your server to improve the performance of your Google site. MonsterInsights performance add-on functionality allows you to quickly and easily host your gtag.js script locally.

How to Get Started With the Performance Addon?

Google Analytics free edition allows us to track up to 10 million visits per month per site. When you have a high-traffic website, you may frequently reach the Google Analytics computation limit.

There is no extra charges for Google Analytics Premium if you use the MonsterInsights Performance plugin. With the Performance plugin, you can keep under Google Analytics' free processing limitation, no matter how much traffic you receive. You should have the Plus licensing plan or above to use the addon. You must also have the MonsterInsights plugin loaded and verified with Google Analytics before you begin.

The Performance Addon

The MonsterInsights Performance addon allows you to modify sample rate and site pace sample rate to keep below the Google Analytics processing limit. There are two choices for this add-on.

Sample Rate: Define the proportion of users who should be monitored.

Site Speed Sample Rate: Set the frequency at which site speed tracking beacons are transmitted. By default, 1% of customers will be monitored automatically.

Installing the Performance Addon

To get the MonsterInsights Performance addon, go to Insights > Addons and click Install under the MonsterInsights Performance addition. The addon will automatically activate after it has been installed.

Install MonsterInsights Performance Addon

After activation, go to Insights > Settings > Advanced > Performance to change the sample rate and site speed sample rate. That concludes our discussion. Without any additional adjustment of the MonsterInsights options, the addon will operate automatically.

sample rate performance addon monsterinsights

The upgrade, which adds Core Web Vitals as a new ranking criterion, began going out in June of 2021. Your site must pass the new Core Web Vitals exam to get the top places in search results. While it may seem counterintuitive that a Google product may influence its own Core Web Vitals rating, the Google Analytics monitoring script can slow down your site and lower your score if it isn't optimized for speed.

Faster Script Loading

The plugin's script will now load as quickly as feasible as a result of this upgrade. The script previously loaded rapidly, but by changing its loads, MonsterInsights loads quickly enough to get optimum Core Web Vitals scores.

They have included the ability to host your gtag.js script directly on your website to our Performance Addon. By minimizing the number of additional resources your website must load, you may make your load time as quick as feasible.

Google Analytics features a two-hour cache period by default. You may have complete control over the caching of the file by providing the script locally, which decreases load time even further.

Integration with All in One SEO

This version features a new connection with the All in One SEO plugin, in addition to increased script loading performance. We've added their target keyword and TruSEO scores to our list of supported custom dimensions so you can examine how they connect to your Google Analytics traffic.

AIOSEO truSEO custom dimensions

You can now integrate AIOSEO target keywords and TruSEO ratings to your Google Analytics data with this new functionality. And you'll be ready to see data from Google Analytics split down by either of those new, SEO focused custom dimensions.

This will provide you another method to acquire insight into your visitors and make the best decisions for your company's growth. For example, you'll be able to respond to queries such as:

  • Which of your target keywords is bringing in the most visitors?
  • Is it true that the most well-optimized content generates the greatest traffic?
  • Are there any posts that are getting a lot of traffic that may benefit from a bit of extra optimization?


However, determining the cause of a sluggish page load is not always simple. You can use gtag.js to boost your Google site speed with the help of this blog. We hope that you found this blog informative and useful. For more blogs related to web hosting, stay tuned.


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