Top 5 Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress


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Customer engagement is always the primary reason behind all the hard work you do. For this, you need to apply various strategies to elevate the impact of every activity and post. It is also necessary to focus on conversion rates, website performance, increasing website traffic, etc.

This not only requires your effort but also insists on the use of some great tools to boost engagement. However, it is difficult to jot down which tool is more effective in engaging your audience well. Analytics is a very important factor that will genuinely show the areas of concern and every minute data.

Here are the top five plugins that will help you in every aspect of marketing and customer engagement.



MonsterInsights plugin is well-versed for its robust features. Undoubtedly, it stands top on all the Google analytics plugin tools. It almost has some 2 million active downloads for its best performance. You can set up this analytics tool in a few clicks. It’s easy to use and simple to understand interface will make everything straightforward for you. At a glance, you can simply know how your website is performing. Also, find out how visitors are searching and using your website and witness the increase in traffic to your site.

You can collect all the important data like age, the country they belong to, their interests, the kind of browsers they use, their gender, etc. All these relevant information will allow you to lay a perfect way to engage your audience better.

If you are keen on the content that can engage your audience, then you must need MonsterInsights to address all your queries. Design a customer-driven content plan to expand your audience. Experience better results in your business with MonsterInsights. Install the plugin if you do not have one!


With ExactMetrics Analytics, you can perfectly set up all the strong tracking features without hiring any developer or writing code. Having over 1 million installs, the ExactMetrics Analytics tool enables you to access all the demographics in your WordPress dashboard. The best data-driven decisions help you grow your audience ensuring great user engagement. This why it is known as the best google analytics WordPress plugin among the users.

You can view the customer behavior towards your WordPress site within a few clicks. Advanced event tracking is an outstanding feature that can benefit your business in several ways. The ExactMetrics Google Analytics tool has made available all the advanced features to small businesses at an economical price tag.

Google Analytics by 10Web

Google Analytics by 10Web is one of the greatest google analytics WordPress plugins available on the Internet. It allows you to integrate Adsense and Google Ads to give you useful insights about your Ad campaigns simultaneously with your usual website data on the same dashboard. It comes in both free and premium versions. Obviously, for advanced features, you need to switch to the premium version. For, e-commerce websites, it enables e-commerce tracking, where you can easily find out your revenue and expenditure with ease. Also, you can have access to real-time data like customer demographics, customer behavior, etc.


Analytify the Google Analytics plugin for WordPress simply presents the stats in a very fair manner. It is uncomplicated mainly for your pages, posts, and custom posts. The demographics can be viewed directly in the front end and back end and also under its dashboard of the WordPress pages or posts. You can access the Google Analytics Dashboard in just seconds in your WordPress Dashboard.

The installation process of the Google Analytics plugin by Analytify is super easy. You have to click on the authentication process as it integrates the tracking code of the Google Analytics to your website. It does not require you to copy any type of code manually. Also, get access to the Google Analytics demographics as a block in wp-admin on a single page. To make the downloading process easier and to access the advanced features, you need to switch to the premium version.

GA Google Analytics

If you are searching for a transparent Google Analytics WordPress plugin, then GA Google Analytics is the best choice. It simplifies your overall work of integrating Google Analytics to your WordPress website. This plugin is submissive to GDPR and activates the tracking code of Google Analytics on all the web pages of your WordPress website. You can also disable the admin-level users tracking to prevent your data from being skewed by the users on your site.

For more additional features, you need to turn to the expert version. GA Google Analytics plugin for WordPress is known for its simplicity as it never fails to deliver the same.

The end-note

It is never too late to start with the best. Without any delays, install the WordPress analytics plugin that suits your business best.

Happy finding!