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Boost Sales with Brevo Shopify integration in 2023


Shopify is the foremost e-commerce site that will enable you to access several integrations. Brevo Shopify app has now become the best app that can benefit you in many ways. The major benefits include extended email processing, strong SMS and email promotions, precise metrics to track customer behavior.

Get access to the Brevo Shopify App from the Shopify App Store

brevo shopify integration

Brevo Shopify App allows you to synchronize the chosen contacts automatically. This, in turn, makes your targeting your contacts, searches, segmentation easier. You can also use an adept SMTP to address your Shopify testimonies due to their ideal deliverability. This will make your emails to reach accurately to the customer inboxes. However, there is still something more that you will enjoy.

With the Brevo Shopify App, you can access it’s seamless and robust email builder to formulate engaging content for your emails. Moreover, not only you can send emails but also deliver transactional and promotional text messages. In this way, you render your business with numerous channels to associate with your customers.

Along with these, you can also access real time analytics by using information like customer activities, click rates, etc. Various such features are offered by the Brevo Shopify App. Reach more prospective and target customers by integrating the Brevo App to your Shopify e-commerce site.

The important features of Brevo Shopify App

For a better understanding by the customers, the Brevo App comes in two major languages: Spanish and English. It also comes up with some useful and efficient features. This App is also available for free.


Automatically sync your brand-new customers with the Brevo App to easily maintain them. Also, segregate your contact list for more engagement. Conclusively, this renders a satisfactory experience for your customers due to the best engagement. You can classify customers as various contact lists with the Brevo Shopify App. High engagement and easy to use at the same time! Great yeah!

Brevo Shopify App enables you to update specific features depending on the activities of the customers in your email or on the website. These features will enable you with greater advertising and marketing likewise similar to the Facebook and Instagram retargeting campaigns. This not only helps you in holding a long-standing relationship with your users but also helps in pulling more customers.

Mapping Attributes

As discussed earlier, the Brevo Shopify App also highlights attribute mapping. By employing this App, you are conferred with an outset of a highly efficient tool for evaluating and examining your target customers and customer niche. The attribute mapping feature enables you to assess the needs of your customers and to make the required changes. To be more precise, it is an abridged reporting on your potential and prevailing customers’ responses to your services or commodities. For making the mapping even stronger, Boolean attribute mapping is supported by the Sendinblue Shopify App.

Single or double opt-in confirmations and building forms

This App also works well with the default forms of Shopify. You are provided with the choice of offering your users with double or single opt-in confirmations. For instance, with email types of single opt-in confirmation, you can simply open it and press the confirmation tab.

The single opt-in confirmation just requires one email address. Your customer can complete your form and can then submit online. After that, they have to wait for the confirmation mail and have to verify again. The designing process is an everlasting one by using the Brevo App for your Shopify forms. The building of the form can be achieved in no time by using the drop and drag form builder.

With the Brevo App, you are also provided with the option of choosing various colors, including images, and add business-friendly lines in the forms. You can also add your desired number of entries to gather as much information as possible from your customers. When discussing the opt-in, you can provide your customers with the option of receiving various kinds of emails by employing checkboxes on every list.

Tracking the performance

Moreover, with the Brevo Shopify App, you can track the efficiency of your marketing automation, email marketing campaigns by simply observing the real-time data and stats.


Some significant information that you can acquire on your analytical reports involve;

  • Complete recipients
  • Open charges
  • Total Click rates
  • Each click to open rate
  • Unsubscribed sum
  • Complete hard and soft bounce rates
  • Metrics of the domain
  • Cumulative and extra conversions
  • Whole revenue

As soon as you access your campaign statistics, you are provided with the option of downloading a copy in PDF format. Also, you can export the complete campaign data in the format of CSV or save it in your email.


Now let us move on to the process of setting up the integration

The process of installing the Shopify App is pretty simple and clear-cut. Let us presume that your Brevo account already exists. If you are not having an account still, you can create one as a part of the free Brevo plan and follow the directions as discussed below. Then all your data is will be synced automatically without any interference of external technical expertise. It just requires some ten minutes of your time.

Here is the step-wise guide that discusses the installation process.

  • Go to your Shopify store and install the Brevo App.
  • Now, allow your Shopify store to access your Brevo account.
  • Now connect the Brevo App to your Shopify eCommerce account by activating the App in the dashboard of your Brevo.
  • You can now enable whichever features you like.

After establishing the App

  • You can pick up some 65 various templates for your design layout.
  • Plan, produce and personalize all SMS and email campaigns.
  • Receive transaction emails automatically including buying confirmations and receipts.
  • Establish pot-out and single or double opt-in forms with enhanced features like captcha verification, etc.
  • You can have the preview of the email campaigns before sending them all.
  • You can easily handle soft and hard email bounces.
  • You can also conduct a review regarding your website activity.
  • Get access to live chat, call support, and online messaging.

What makes the Brevo Shopify App unique from other marketing tools?

  • It is one of the best when talking about email deliverability.
  • It is simple to use and easy to understand when compared with other marketing tools.
  • The Brevo Shopify App offers many design layout templates than any other marketing tool.
  • The pricing of the Brevo depends on the number of emails sent rather than the number of subscribers.

The End-note

Undoubtedly, the Brevo App will be an added advantage to your business. Experience great customer engagement and efficient business tracking by installing this app on your Shopify website.

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