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Booster Theme Review 2023 – Is it the Best Converting Theme?

booster theme review

Dropshipping has become a popular form of business in the modern age. What started as a way to start a secondary business has now become a platform for many to start their primary business. It requires less cost to start a dropshipping business, which also involves fewer risks. You do not need a handle of money to invest in manufacturing products that may or may not be the best seller. However, dropshipping is not easy, so e-commerce platforms such as Shopify exist to host people’s online stores. When it comes to Shopify, the Booster theme is probably the one that strikes users’ minds first. Hence, here is an honest Booster Theme Review to unravel if it is the best Shopify theme.

Suppose you own an online store and are venturing to succeed in the e-commerce platform. In that case, you already know that it is a competitive sphere. This is because almost half of the population are resorting to online platforms to grow their business. Hence, everyone is vying to make their business stand out and be at the top. The Booster theme of Shopify is a theme that comes with many handy features that enable users to boost the growth of their e-commerce platform. This helpful nature of the theme is perhaps what makes it the best Shopify theme, or at least that is how many users of Shopify regard it to be. It does not end here. Users even believe the theme to work two times faster compared to other themes. How insane is that!

What is the Booster Theme?

booster shopify theme

If you are new to the e-commerce platform, you must be wondering what the Booster theme is exactly. And why has it been receiving so many compliments since the start? As the name suggests, the Booster theme is a theme in Shopify that enables store owners in this e-commerce platform to boost their sales, for which they need to install the theme in their store. This theme will also allow store owners to increase their brand awareness and attract more potential converts. This will eventually help them to grow their conversion rate and increase their sales.

Booster theme is a premium theme in Shopify. It is often considered to be the best Shopify theme by store owners. It is known to boost the loading speed of the stores using the theme. A slow loading store can be a serious letdown. No matter how good your products may be, if your store does not load quickly, potential converts will soon leave your site, which can be a major loss for your business. Moreover, the Booster theme also has built-in features, so that store owners do not have to launch Java scripts separately. This can, therefore, help your page to perform very well.

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Booster Theme Review 2023

The Shopify Booster theme is known to have many helpful marketing tools and features that can help store owners boost their marketing sales in less time. Here’s a look at these features.

Important Booster theme features

The Booster theme is generous with its layouts. It has a variety of layouts that can suit the needs and preferences of almost any industry. It also has more layout options as compared to other themes. It allows store owners to customize and curate their layouts to suit their style and taste. This means that they get to add a personal touch to the layout of their store.

Designing a store is just one click away with the booster Shopify theme when store owners use the Booster Theme Manager feature. It contains a wide variety of appealing and effective presets which enables store owners to choose from the several options and design a store in a single click. Well, designing a store has certainly never been this easy!

booster theme count down timer

The Booster theme has been designed to cater to the more important needs of the store owners. Hence, they understand that most of their users access the platform with their mobile phones. The theme has, therefore, been optimized for mobile phones, making it mobile-friendly. This ensures that the users get the best experience even if they use the theme from their phones.

booster theme mobile responsive

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Miscellaneous Booster theme features

  • The Shopify Booster theme comes with a countdown timer that allows store owners to display offer timers on pages, blocks, or product cards
  • It also has a people-watching bar that allows users to see the number of people viewing the store. It further has a stock left bar as well.
  • It allows users to visit the checkout page directly and offers free shipping, which can be a great way to attract customers.
  • Store owners can even create personalized recommendations and buy items bought together frequently and allow them to view related products.
  • It has a mega menu to provide a better user interface and a GDPR cookie bar.
  • It also has a correct automatic converter for global shopping and also an automatic language detector.

Below picture shows comparing the other Shopify themes.

booster theme comparison

All in all, the Booster theme gives you an amazing user experience and opportunity to grow your store. It gives you complete control over your store. You can design it the way you want it to look, and if you’re not sure if you want to go with the theme, you can also use the booster theme demo to check if it is the best theme for your store.

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Booster Theme Pricing

Booster Theme comes with three pricing plans, including:

  • Single Store: $250/year. Booster Theme’s starter plan comes with all perks and features, but you can only get one Booster theme license, which means you can only use Booster theme on one Shopify store.
  • Two Stores: $400/year. This plan comes with all perks and features – and you get two Booster Theme licenses.
  • Five Stores: $600/year. All perks and features and five Booster Theme Licenses.
booster theme pricing


  • Excellent loading speed
  • Offers personal store design features
  • Useful call to action bars
  • Useful for global stores
  • Free sales notifications and product upsell
  • Free countdown timer
  • Multi Language support
  • Works with more than 180 currencies


  • Price is bit more expensive
  • You will have to reinstall the theme if you get new update every time.
  • Live Chat support is not available. Average reply time is 1-2 business days.

Final Talk

The final talk of this Booster Theme Review is that it is probably the best theme for your store. This is because it has some of the most useful features and marketing tools that can be used to boost your sales. Giving it a try may perhaps prove to be the best decision for your e-commerce store.

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