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21 Best Blogs To Read From Indian Bloggers in 2023

best indian bloggers

Blogging has become a primary form of media in the modern era. Many individuals have gained recognition and even achieved fame through their blogs, making it a popular source of information. Indian bloggers play a significant role in this by sharing valuable insights and knowledge through their writing. Blogging platforms have made it easier for writers to publish their work digitally for the world to see.

Importance of Blogs

  1. Blogs serve various purposes for different readers. It can be a leisure activity or a way to gain new knowledge. Additionally, owning a blog can be turned into a profession, providing a platform for both producers and consumers. If you want access to information, reading blogs is the way to go. If you have something to share, writing a blog is an option.
  2. Blogs hold great importance in the modern generation as they offer a feasible way of sharing information. From fashion to sports, news to technology, and history to literature, you can find blogs on just about everything. The internet has a diverse range of bloggers and topics to choose from, helping you stay ahead of the curve.
  3. If you’re searching for specific information, it’s essential to be aware of the top blogs in India to find the correct source. If you’re an aspiring blogger, there are many bloggers and blogs to turn to for guidance and inspiration to kickstart your journey.

Blogging will continue to play a vital role in the coming years as it provides accessible information.


Top 21 Indian Bloggers to Follow in 2023

If you want to stay ahead of time, you have to follow bloggers who can help you to stay ahead of time. Here is a list of the top 21 bloggers you should be following in 2023.

  1. If you want to become a blogger yourself, you should be following Harsh Agarwal’s blog ShoutMeLoud. He blogs about blogging and if you want to gain more insight on how to make a  strong name in the field of blogging and how to blog effectively, his blogs will be of a great help to you. He is one of the top top bloggers in india and therefore, this is a blog you should certainly check out.
  1. Looking for women who rule the digital platform? YourStory by Shardha Sharma is the perfect platform for you. It is an inspiring blog that allows you to get an insight into how the great leaders of the world are born. It’s all about empowering women and you should certainly check it out.
  1. Any top bloggers list is incomplete without the mention of Amit Agarwal’s blog Labnol. This was the blog that popularised blogging culture in India. He is also regarded as the first Indian professional blogger and that’s saying a lot. It is a helpful blog for all those who are looking for solutions to technology. If you are looking for a tech blog, this is it!
  1. Are you searching for a business-related blog? You should check out by Arun Prabhudesai who started his blog after returning from America. He is one of the best bloggers in india and he talks about all things India and recognises the hidden potential of this nation while creating awareness about the same. 
  1. Financial management can be stressful, and if you want to manage your finances carefully, you should check out Jago Investor by Manish Chauhan. It is a financial planning blog that helps you become educated in the field of finance.
  1. Another great blog for finance lovers and those looking for more marketing information is CashOverflow by Pradeep Goyal. This blog gives you valuable information about online marketing and gives you tips on how to make money using the digital platform. He is one of the top indian bloggers of finance and therefore, you should check out this blog.
  1. If you want to keep yourself updated with the latest technology news, you should not miss out on Imran Uddin’s AllTechBuzz. As the name suggests, it is the perfect place for you to stay updated on new launches, latest phones, and other technology news.
  1. Another great blog for gadget lovers and tech-savvy people is Varun Krirshnan’s FoneArena blog which gives you information about the latest gadgets and helps you gain a detailed insight into the world of devices. You can read the latest news about various gadgets such as cameras, mobiles, and the like. 
  1. Raju PP’s Techpp is one of the best technology blogs that allows you to receive personalised information about technology and makes tech only more personal and friendlier than ever for you. This blog simplifies technology in the best possible manner.
  1. Food is a human being’s best friend, and all food lovers know that a list of best blogs to read is incomplete without blogs about food. If you want access to healthy eating and delicious recipes that not only suit your taste buds but your health too, you need to check out Archana’s Kitchen by Archana Doshi. You can find various ideas for diet plans, lunch boxes, meal plans, and the like.
  1. Are you a geek, and are you searching for an equally geeky blog? You have to check out Jignesh Padhiyar’s iGeeksBlog that gives you exclusive updates on all things related to Apple. You can find a detailed insight into Apple gadgets and apps for the same. It contains reviews and details about these gadgets and applications that will surely help you.
  1. All the gadget freaks are surely going to love reading Amit Bhawani’s Phone Radar that will allow you to get information about technology, gadgets, and the like. The blog has honest reviews about the latest technology which gives you the exact information you need to be updated with technology. This is one of the best blogs to read for gadget lovers.
  1. Want some excellent tips for blogging? Want to kick start your blogging journey? Anil Agarwal’s Bloggers Passion can be of great help to you. The blog offers unique tips to grow your blog and it gives you suggestions about improving your blogging. Rest assured, this is a great blog for all the aspiring bloggers.
  1. Another fantastic financial blog for financial management and financial literacy is Pranjal Karma’s Finology. Lead yourself into a deep philosophical financial blog and increase your financial literacy by reading about topics like entrepreneurship, finance, law, and the like. You can gain information about the stock market, financial education, and value investing. If you are someone who is interested in investing and saving, you should certainly check out his blog.
  1. Love reading about lifestyle and luxury? You should check out Verve Magazine by Anuradha Mahindra. This online magazine was created in 1995 and the fact that it is still functional is evidence in itself why you should check it out. It is a lifestyle blog that gives you information about style, travel, food, fashion, beauty, and all things related to lifestyle. If you want exclusive lifestyle content, you surely need to check out this blog. She is one of the best indian fashion bloggers and if you love fashion and lifestyle, you should not miss out on this blog.
  1. Dassana’s Veg Recipes Of India is another great food and recipe blog that is perfect for every food lover in India. This blog is mainly dedicated to vegetarians because why should non vegetarians have all the fun! The blog contains more than 1800 unique and delicious recipes for vegetarians that are perfect for breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner. Love food? You have to check out this blog.
  1. Digital platforms are the new mode of almost everything. Whether you are shopping or learning, you will find almost everything available on the digital platform. Therefore, digital marketing is a great way to earn some profit and make a career. If you are looking for a digital marketing blog and want to get more information about the same, you can read Deepak Kanakaraju’s blog Digital Deepak. He is one of the top bloggers in india and his blog is one that all individuals aspiring to make a career in digital marketing will love.
  1. Who doesn’t love travelling! Traveling is something that has a lot of health benefits. It has the power to help you relax, soothe, and calm down in a busy world. However, sometimes, you may not be able to fulfill your desire to travel. Therefore, you can read Anuradha Goyal’s Indiatales. It is a travel blog that gives you insight into hotel reviews, travel videos, worldwide attractions, restaurant reviews, and the like. If you love travelling, you need to check out this blog.
  1. Piunika Sharma’s Piunika Web is the fastest growing blog in India. It is a technology blog that was launched back in 2017. It is one of the most viewed blogs and the articles of this blog have also been published in many renowned worldwide publications such as Wired, The Verge, Foxnews, Forbes, Engadget, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, and the like. If you are interested in technology and cannot stop yourself from being a tech savvy person, you should certainly read this blog.
  1. Blogging Cage by Kulwant Nagi is the most helpful blog you will ever come across. In a competitive world where technology is advancing and the opportunities to make money are increasing, this blog comes as a saviour for you. This blog has been in existence since 2011 and it gives you information and suggestions about making money using the online platform. If you want to turn yourself into a blogger and want your blogging to make some money, this blog is certainly a boon for you. This is one of the best blogs to read for financial literacy and management.
  1. Startups are one of the most common ways to kick start one’s career in business. It is quickly becoming the most preferred way to start a business. Ashish Sinha’s Next Big What is a great blog for all the aspiring individuals who want to start a business. If you want to learn more about startups and how to take care of a business effectively, you have to check out this blog. This blog has numerous articles to stimulate marketing minds and if you are one, you should not miss out on reading this blog.

This is the list of best bloggers in India you should be following without fail. They share great content that can be helpful for you and you never know when you might come across information that may change your life for the better.

Final Verdict

Blogging is one of the most popular ways to gain information and share information in the modern age. Whether you are an aspiring blogger or simply someone who wants to read intellectual blogs, this list of blogs can be of great help to you. The Indian Bloggers mentioned in this list are the best bloggers and you should check out their blogs at least once to know if it contains valuable information that may be helpful for you or not.

FAQs on Top Indian Bloggers

Who are the top Indian bloggers?

Some of the top Indian bloggers are Harsh Agrawal, Amit Agarwal, Neil Patel, Shradha Sharma, Sorav Jain, and Vidya Srinivasan.

What kind of topics do these bloggers write about?

The bloggers write about various topics such as technology, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, personal finance, lifestyle, and many more.

How do they earn money through blogging?

The bloggers earn money through a combination of advertising revenue, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and through selling their products and services.

How do they increase their blog’s traffic?

The bloggers increase their blog’s traffic through a variety of methods such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, guest posting, and content promotion.

How long does it take to become a successful blogger in India?

Becoming a successful blogger takes time, effort and patience. It usually takes several months to a few years to establish a strong presence and see significant results.

What are the key skills required to become a successful blogger in India?

The key skills required to become a successful blogger are excellent writing skills, creativity, knowledge in the niche, digital marketing skills, and the ability to continuously learn and adapt to new trends and technologies.

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