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How to Boost Sales with Popular Posts Lists in WordPress

boost sales with popular posts lists wordpress

MonsterInsights Web plugins corporation has officially confirmed the launch of the new MonsterInsights 7.13 plugin with its new functionality to display your highest quality content and products on your blog or website.

MonsterInsights now allows you to showcase the best content and products anywhere on the web.

Not just that, but it is simpler than ever to get active feedback and make the most of your knowledge to boost the performance of your website.

The plugin functionality includes:

  • Popular Post
  • Contextual Insights

Enable readers to identify the best blog post through Popular Post

Did you ever compose the content, and did you notice that nobody reads it?

Many users don’t know the best blog posts or can’t locate them.

But through MonsterInsights Popular Posts you can now have more exposure than ever to your best article!  It lets you get more page visits, more interaction, and retain the website users.

And with more users reading your blog posts, you’re more apt to receive more ad views, email registrations, media shares, and eventually more conversions.

This feature can be used in three forms:

Inline popular post: Showcases posts within the text of your content.

Popular post widget: Displays up to 10 articles anywhere on your website, eg- sidebar or at the end of the post.

Popular Products: If you own an eCommerce shop, your popular products will be presented as noticeable.

Boost Your sales of E-commerce store (Popular Products)

Want to boost your conversions to eCommerce and to raise your revenue?

ecommerce products display in posts

Popular products make advertising the best-selling products super convenient in your online shop. It brings them instantly before the buyers because they can’t overlook it!

Let’s imagine, for starters, you got a fashion label and would like to make some money. At the end of a sales page, you will show your favorite items and attempt to market to your clients.

Personalizing Popular Posts

Now, would you like to make sure your favorite blogs fit the topic of your website?

MonsterInsights provides several choices for personalizing popular Posts. Now you get to observe each modification you perform as you proceed. It serves to save time.

display posts customization

You can select from numerous subjects, change colors, change text size, and choose the best layout choice. More choices for customizing, including add text to the sticker, can be found in any category you choose.

Moreover, from inside your WordPress editor, you can adjust any of these configurations. So you may edit the articles right then and there if you do not like the ways some popular posts look in your blog.

Choose Which Popular Posts to Promote

Display curated posts

MonsterInsights includes 3 methods for choosing the objects to view. You can arrange your popular posts by engagement, sharing count, or pick the best posts by hand.

There is also an alternative in which popular posts can be merged. If you have personalized dimensions on MonsterInsights, the top 5 articles from the past 30 days will instantly be included.

Amplify Your Traffic with Contextual Insights

You are now notified about how your website works and obtain actionable feedback to grow your company via the plugin. They support you to bring the best use of the data together with the statistics on your page.

MonsterInsights’ plugin offers details and suggestions regarding the results of your website in the plugin.

MonsterInsights sends you a message that most visits to your website are from a single region. You can then translate your Website into the language of that country, discover new subjects, and develop customized marketing campaigns for your audience to improve visits and conversions with this data.

visitor notification with monsterinsights Contextual Insights

Contextual insights can also assist you in discovering innovative approaches to monitor your guests and get valuable details you can forget. Let’s assume on your web, you have various types but no type of conversion monitoring has been developed. MonsterInsights will notify you regarding the feature, why it is essential, and include a link to their helpful tutorial.


The popular post functions seamlessly with the view of other content making it more beneficial.  However, you may pick your earlier post or the weaker performing post to provide you with a more visible view of your best content.

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links to products on this blog are affiliate links. It means, at no additional cost to you, we’ll earn some commission if you buy any product through the links.

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