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Nexcess Hosting Review: Is It Really Worth the Hype?

nexcess hosting review

Are you searching for the Nexcess Hosting Review then my friend you have landed in the right place. In this article, you will get to know all about Nexcess Hosting like its features, it’s pricing, its pros and cons, and answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

Nexcess is one of the best web hosting which has been in the market for almost 23 years. Nexcess is serving its best services helping sites and stores to grow faster, Nexcess Believes in supporting small businesses, developers, designers, large enterprises, agencies, etc.

In this review, we are mainly focusing on giving you the best review possible and every detailed information related to Nexcess.

Nexcess Hosting Overview

Nexcess WordPress hosting is one of the fastest web hosting when compared to the other hosting companies. Nexcess is one such web hosting that makes your site fast with premium image compression, a strongly built-in CDN, and advanced coaching.

Nexcess has joined the forces with the liquid web which is a popular host for web applications, managing the hosting solutions and cloud services. Nexcess is one such web hosting that is operating separately focusing mainly on its goals and sub-niches within the hosting industry.

Nexcess is becoming one of the best choices for people searching for WordPress, Woocommerce, and Magento hosting. Nexcess is becoming different from other hosting because it is offering some attractive and affordable prices with good performance and powerful servers that handle the significant load.

Nexcess Hosting Features

In this section, you are to know all about the features of Nexcess web hosting.

So Let’s Start.

1. Features that come with all plans

  • WordPress Plugin Updates
  • Visual compare
  • WordPress Core updates
  • SEO Optimization with built-in Yoast
  • Multi-site management
  • Marketing Tools
  • Language Translations
  • Email Included
  • Page builders
  • 1 click staging site

2. Security Features

  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Items Security Pro
  • Get daily backups

3. Execution features

  • Nexcess CDN included
  • Cloud Accelerator
  • Plugin Performance Monitor
  • Image lazy loading

So here are some of the best features of Nexcess hosting.

Nexcess Hosting Pros and Cons

Just like any other web hosting Nexcess also has its own Pros and Cons let’s understand them!


  • Nexcess is one of the most Affordable Hosting
  • Provide visual regression testing tool
  • Has built-in performance monitoring
  • Provide automatic backups with just one click to restore
  • Provide multiple options for the technical support


  • Nexcess dashboard is not Beginner friendly
  • Nexcess doesn’t provide you the free domain name

Nexcess Hosting Benefits

Though there are so many different web hostings companies who provide managed hosting Nexcess has its benefits and significance let’s have an eye on them.


  • Nexcess takes no overage fees, traffic limits, or metered page views
  • Provide free migration and a 30-day money-back guarantee which is available in every plan
  • Powerful system with 24/7 availability
  • Provide PHP flexibility

Nexcess Hosting User Interface

Using Nexcess is similar to how things work with other web hosting platforms, Nexcess’s major emphasis is to give comprehensive control over the hosting setup instead of making it beginner friendly.

The main thing that you see on the excess dashboard is the state of your current account, various knowledge base links, and blog articles. After you go through the dashboard setting you have to configure the hosting setup by selecting the plans and Nexcess hosting has more than one plan in one panel.

After you click on the create plan you will be directed toward the dashboard purchase procession. You change your current plan and sites by clicking on the main listing also you can add new sites by just clicking on the Add site or can easily manage the sites which are already existing by clicking on the site domain.

You will see many customization options available in front of you plus the site metrics and current performance data.

After this, you will see many different things in front of you. Let us list some of the most important ones for you.

1. Disk Space and Bandwidth.

Disk space and Bandwidth help you stay updated about how much of the resources of the server you have used in a month and how much is left with you.

2. Cloud Accelerator and Cloud Auto Scaling

The Auto scaling feature helps you in handling your site instantly and provides more concurrent users whenever you need it. The cloud accelerator is a server optimization that helps you in delivering content.

3. Content Delivery Network

CDN helps you in configuring your site connection.

Many other aspects can not be ignored while setting up your hosting. Let’s have a look at the tools which are visible when you click on the menu available in the left sidebar.

  • Domain options: This is important as it assists you in shifting your Domain name from master to a different one.
  • Environment: The environment options give you all data about your WordPress application, about user account, core update setting, Redis version, etc.
  • Access: This gives you all the info related to the SSH, Your SSL, FTP connections, and more.
  • Backups: It comprises the list of your recent backups.
  • Email:  Here you manage your email hosting included in your plan.
  • Visual Comparison: This tool helps you in testing visual regression. It develops a manuscript of your live site before uploading anything onto your site.
  • MySQL: It is the most beneficial tool that allows you straightforward access to the database where you can build developed customizations.

As you have read these are some of the best and pretty advanced tools available that can provide you with a wide scope of optimizations that you can perform on your site.

Nexcess Hosting Review Pricing and Plans

Now here comes the most important part: Prices and plans of Nexcess Hosting. Currently, it has 7 plans so let’s discuss them all.

Here’s the current plans of Nexcess Hosting

nexcess wordpress pricing plans

So here are the final plans and prices that are easily scalable and can handle up to 250 sites. The advantage of Nexcess is that it does not limit access to its features all the features are available in all tiers of the plan.


What makes Nexcess WordPress hosting different?

There are a lot of managed hosting options apart from Nexcess but The platform is built specially for performance, scalability, flexibility and so on. Nexcess optimizes WordPress hosting that a user searches for.

Final Verdict

So I hope you have understood the possibilities and features Nexcess provides you whether you purchase the entry-level or enterprise plan.

Nexcess provides you with great options for anyone who wants to move to credible WordPress hosting. Nexcess is the right solution for whoever is searching for the best optimization for your sites.

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