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Top 5 Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress in 2023


Customer engagement is always the primary reason behind all the hard work you do. For this, you need to apply various strategies to elevate the impact of every activity and post. It is also necessary to focus on conversion rates, website performance, increasing website traffic, etc.

This not only requires your effort but also insists on the use of some great tools to boost engagement. However, it is difficult to jot down which tool is more effective in engaging your audience well. Analytics is a very important factor that will genuinely show the areas of concern and every minute data.

Here are the top five plugins that will help you in every aspect of marketing and customer engagement.
MonsterInsights plugin is well-versed for its robust features. Undoubtedly, it stands top on all the Google analytics plugin tools. It almost has some 2 million active downloads for its best performance. You can set up this analytics tool in a few clicks. It's easy to use and simp..