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Bonsai Review 2023 – Is It The Best Freelance Tool?

Bonsai Review for Freelancers

Freelancing has been soaring in its popularity. As the years roll by, more youngsters resort to freelancing to earn a source of income and channel their creativity. Freelancing has changed the world and has opened the door to various opportunities and platforms. Freelancing is a storehouse of innovations, and when you step into it, you step into a bundle of possibilities. However, more people are turning to freelance in the modern age. This has increased the competition, and if you want to stay at the top, you can seek bonsai, which will help you run your business.

The freelancing business is crowded, which leads to an increase in competition. If you want to build a career in freelancing, you have to put in some innovative work along with hard work. You have to possess an in-depth knowledge of freelancing. You have to go through strategies that will increase your chances of succeeding in the industry. You can do so many things to increase the visibility of your freelancing business and achieve more success, such as focusing on your website, making friends and interacting with more people, investing in marketing, saving for insurance, and more. You can use applications such as Bonsai that is specifically designed to help freelancers. Hence, here is a brief bonsai review that will give you an insight into the functioning of this freelancing tool.

What is Hello Bonsai

What is Bonsai?

Bonsai is an application that assists you in managing your freelancing business. It is an all-in-one product tool or suite accompanied by intelligent automation, which allows you to delve into your passion and produce the best results. With Bonsai, you can worry less and create more. Bonsai helps your freelancing business to function seamlessly through integration and automation. Bonsai enables you to manage your proposals, contracts, projects, expenses, invoices, time tracking, accounting, tasks, and taxes. You can use Bonsai for freelancers to create convincing and structured proposals and gain deals faster.


Bonsai features

  • Proposals: Bonsai is the epitome when it comes to proposals. They give you the best assistance when it comes to proposals. It is not just about creating proposals but what you do with it after it is made. It helps you create proposals by uploading all the proposal’s details, adding images and logos to customize the recommendations, and more. However, the function of Bonsai does not end there. You can create packages through upselling and increase your profits. Moreover, it keeps you updated on the status of your proposal.
  • Contracts: You can use Bonsai for freelancers not just to handle proposals but to attract contracts too. They have templates for legal contracts that are pre-vetted so you can save the cost and effort of hiring a lawyer. To create a convincing contract, you have to enter your company and project details. Bonsai will generate a professional contract for you in no time. Moreover, you can create these contracts efficiently and effectively anywhere and everywhere.
  • Time-tracking: You can use the Bonsai time-tracking tool to track your hours. Tracking your time is essential to freelancing, and it becomes additionally crucial when you have multiple clients. You have to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Bonsai also allows you to integrate your time tracker with integration tools. This is a score!
  • Invoicing: Invoicing is another essential factor crucial to freelancing. Suppose you are wondering what is an invoice. In that case, it is a commercial document that is time-stamped and is used to record transactions between the buyer and the seller. You can use Bonsai to generate invoices based on your contracts or proposals automatically. Hence, you can send invoices to your clients immediately. Bonsai also hosts an extensive array of invoice templates to help you do your work efficiently.
  • Project Management: Project management is a crucial aspect of freelancing. This feature allows you to manage your projects efficiently and effectively. It will enable you to have an overview of the project. Project management is integrated with time tracking as well.
  • Client Management: You need a Client Relationship Manager to manage your clients effectively. Bonsai’s CRM enables you to manage your relationships with different clients and prospects. You will be able to manage and contact your leads efficiently.
  • Tracking Expenses: You have to track your expenses regularly when you are involved in the freelance business. Sometimes, your impulse may drive you, and you may end up spending more than you should. Hence, tracking your expenses is required to manage your business efficiently. Bonsai helps you to track your expenses, and you can also enter your expenses manually.

Bonsai certainly has many helpful features for freelancers ranging from bonsai invoice to project management, time tracking, and managing contracts and proposals.


Why use Bonsai?

Freelancing is a productive field, but one cannot forget that it is a highly competitive field. The competition in the freelancing market is cutthroat. If you are serious about achieving success as a freelancer, you need to use Bonsai. If you are mainly a small start-up business, you will require the tools of Bonsai more. The bonsai pricing is priced reasonably, given the features it comes with. It is a user-friendly app, and it can help you with everything needed to make your freelancing career a success. You can manage your projects, manage proposals and contracts, manage clients, and do much more with Bonsai. It does not complicate your work, and you can work with ease.

FAQs on Bonsai Review

1. Is Hello Bonsai a CRM?

Yes, Hello Bonsai is All in One Freelance Management CRM which was founded in 2016. It comes with lot of features which enable invoicing, payments, reporting, time tracking, contracts, proposals and expenses, etc.

2. How long is hello bonsai free trial?

Yes. Hello Bonsai offers 14 days free trial. but you will need to enter credit card details. don’t worry they won’t charge until subscription ends.

3. How much is hello bonsai a month?

Bonsai has two plans. Workflow plan is basic package which is $19/month. For more advanced features choose Workflow Plus which is $29/month. You will get 2 months free when you pay yearly.

4. How much does Hello bonsai cost?

Bonsai Freelance offers with two plans: Workflow Plan – $19 per month and $192 per year (2 months Free) Workflow Pro plan – $29 per month and $288 per year (2 months Free)

5. How does Hello bonsai work?

Hello Bonsai is Freelancing management tool. It offers proposals and contracts, invoice for payments and time-tracking for freelancers. Helps you tracking your bills and expenses.

6. What are the Hello Bonsai Features?

Hello Bonsai Top Features, Proposal Templates, Contract Templates, Time Tracking, Invoicing and Expense Tracking, Quote templates, Estimated templates and Self Employment Tax.



The tool is created specifically for freelancers. Therefore, it understands the needs and requirements of a freelancer like no other. It boosts your freelancing career and brings attractive contracts and deals your way. If you are still not sure about using it, you can always use the free trial.


Key  Features

  • Proposal Templates
  • Contract Templates
  • Time Tracking
  • Invoicing and Expense Tracking
  • Bonsai Workflow
  • Bonsai Workflow Plus





Ease of Use


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