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Designrr Online eBook Creator Review 2023 – Fast eBook Maker

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Designrr is a cloud-based software platform that allows you to create an eBook from scratch or from templates. Designrr accepts you to import content from multiple sources and formats it into PDF. The content source can be a blog post, Facebook Post, Any page on the internet, Word Document, Audio, or a video file. and it supports pdf to flipbook.

Quick Features

  • Free conversion-optimized templates
  • Flexible
  • New Dashboard and Free book design templates.
  • Cloud-based (no installation required)
  • Save your customized elements for reuse
  • PDF to Flipbook Feature
  • Import from existing content, blog posts, Facebook, Word Doc, Dropbox, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Quick Guide to ebook creation

How to create an ebook from a blog post,

  • Copy the blog post URL that you want to work on
  • Click Create A New Project
  • Select Import From Url when asked to choose a source for the ebook.
  • Enter the URL and click Import
  • Pick a project template
  • Give the project a title and add a footer URL (your basic domain name or tagline)
  • Edit the project to suit your style.
  • Export to PDF


  • Support – The support team is fast to answer questions and is always helpful.
  • Flexibility – Want more freedom on how your eBook looks? The “Enable Free Element Dragging” option lets you be more creative. It helps to know what you’re doing here.
  • Access editing options from the inspector tab, inside the content, or by right-clicking on elements.
  • Multiple theme options – it’s easy to see how your book will look after applying the template.
  • Powerful – I imported a huge blog post to test the system. They appeared in seconds, formatted with images and links, and all ready to go.
  • Many of the new templates are niche related so that you no longer need to find an image for your niche.


  • Designrr can be a little stuck. I’ve crashed it a few times when returning from the preview or selecting too many things simultaneously.
  • Limited exporting options on the lifetime deal. Fine for creating eBooks, however.

Pricing Plans

Designrr is a ,,powerful ebook tool used by over 10,000 marketers, course creators, bloggers, and professionals. Created by Paul Clifford, a software builder, and marketer who has been building software for over 20 years, this tool is an attractive addition to the content marketing toolkit of any online business.

There are 4 available plans – Standard, Pro, Premium, and Business. A separate plan is offered for Agencies.

The Designrr Lifetime Deal is $27. The time saved on creating something similar in Word or complicated design software is worth the entry fee.

Get Designrr Lifetime Deal at $27 Now

Standard Plan

$29 a month for 100 templates and unlimited projects

Pro Plan

This plan costs $39 a month but gets you 200 cover designs and 200 additional templates. You can import from Google Docs and export to Kindle, iBooks, and ePub formats and PDF.

Premium Plan

Premium costs $49 a month (similar to Beacon mentioned above) but gets you a lot more features.

Features on this plan include:

  • HTML export for embedding on any website. (Granted, you can do this with some coding yourself)
  • And 4 transcription hours for video or audio a month.

Business Plan

Cost $99 a month and include 8 hours of transcription plus all the other features.

,Get Designrr Lifetime Deal at $27 Now

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