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6 Best Keyword Research Tools in 2023 (Free & Paid)

Best Keyword Research Tools


Best Keyword Research Tools

Writing SEO friendly contents for your blogs and websites is of greater importance. The majority of search results are pointed using keywords by the search engines. While developing good quality SEO-friendly contents you should focus on selecting the stronger keywords in your content, thus you can improve the search engine visibility than your competitor.

There are different best keyword research tools available in the market to help you find the keywords that specifically target your content. Including the various target keywords into your content will drive more traffic to your content and your content will get more reach. We recommend you look at the top 5 keyword research tools available for you to create SEO-friendly contents for your blogs or websites.


Semrush SEO Tool

Semrush is a complete All-in-One SEO Tool Suite to carry out the keyword research performance and improve your website SEO Rankings. Semrush is best keyword research tool to show you various metrics such as keyword length, CPC, competitiveness, and a number of outcomes. It also indicates term match and associated keyword ideas, as well as all of their metrics. Keyword Magic Tool finds broad matches, phrase matches, exact matches, and similar keywords for your original keyword. Key metrics such as volume, difficulty, CPC, and others are shown for all keywords.



AnswerThePublic Keyword Research Tool

AnswerThePublic is a free keyword research tool available in the market (it also has a pro version). When you put your base keyword in the search box of AnswerThePublic, then you will be provided with long keywords related to your base keyword. The keywords are categorized into three different formats; Questions, Prepositions, and Comparison. This categorization will help you to find the right keywords combinations for your content and you will not miss any related keywords.

AnswerThePublic is a free tool, but it is limited to search 3 keywords per day in the free plan. It provides a pro plan where you get unlimited searches and regional data regarding the keyword queries. Queries are displayed in alphabetic order.


Google Keyword Planner

Best Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the most popular keyword tool that is used by millions of users. One of the major reasons for the popularity is Google Adwords integration and support. you should create an Adword account for starting with Google Keyword Planner. Since Google is the giant, you will get almost every data required for creating targeted keywords. The information provided by Google Keyword Planner is authentic and instantaneous, so you can rely upon Google. On the other side, it will not provide data and keywords for other search engines for comparison with Google.

Google Keyword Planner is free to use a keyword tool and is recommended to use in the initial stages of SEO and then by using that data (because data from Google is authentic) in hand, you can get help from other keyword tools in the next stages of SEO.

Google Trends

Google Trends Keyword Research Tool

Google Trends is also from Google you can trust the data they provide. It offers you keyword search based on related queries, popularity, region. Google Trend is the only tool available in the market which provides you with the popularity of the keywords based on the different countries, it helps you to find the relatively popular keywords and data on a particular region. Usage of Google Trends will help you focus on the trends and creation of trending content.

It is recommended to use other keyword tools after getting the trending keywords from Google Trends. Google Trends is free to use the keyword tool from Google.



Ubersuggest keyword Research Tool

Ubersuggest suggests you the keywords that are not available through the Google keywords tools such as Google Planner and Google Trends. Ubersuggest is a Google scrapper that suggests you in-depth keywords which are more than you would expect. The strategy used in Ubersuggest is well organized and it avoids missing the keywords.

Ubersuggest offers 7 days free trial for all the plans available and they will charge you after the 7 days if you are continuing the service. The plans available in Ubersuggest is based on the number of websites you are managing and the basic plan accommodates managing 1 to 3 websites.

Best KeywordTool research is also a Google scrapper used to get the keywords that are not available in the Google keyword platforms. gives you more than enough keyword suggestions and you can easily filter the keywords to find the appropriate keyword for your content. One of the unique features of is the competitor analysis, you can analyze a competitor website, and based on the competitor website contents, you will be getting target-oriented keywords for your site.

KeywordTool also has free plans but in-depth services are limited in the free version. The basic plan starts at $69 per month and increases the price depending on the features provided by them. All the paid plans come with a 30 days money refund policy if you are not satisfied with the purchase you can mail them and get the full amount refunded within 30 days.



Selecting a good keyword research tool will not be a big deal if you consider the above suggestions, but still, it depends on how much you can spend on the keyword research tool. If you are good at investments you can make use of Google services free of cost and invest the amount on further keyword research with minimum cost.

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