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12 Best Google Ads Bidding Strategies in 2022

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best google ads bidding strategies
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Choosing the right bidding strategy for your ads is a crucial decision for driving traffic into your website. The more you aware of bidding strategy, the less you pay for it. Selecting a suitable bidding strategy for your website is the key point while calculating Return on Investment (ROI). If you are unaware of the bidding strategies and made a wrong move in the bidding process of AdWords then you may end up paying more money for fewer returns. We will look at the various bidding strategies in Google AdWords.

Acquisition or Conversion Type Bidding

#1 Target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

Cost per acquisition is the amount of money you can afford to spend on acquiring one customer. It's all about how much you can spend on acquiring a single customer. Choosing the right acquisition cost is of prior importance. This is used if you want to optimize the conversions and driving more audience into your website, but you should also be aware that not all customers acquired will not buy items from your website, so choose the acquisition cost wisely.

Google Ads Target CPA

#2 Target Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

It is a percentage-based bid strategy used for maximizing the conversion, target return on ad spend is a value based on the return you want from your ad spend. Target ROAS is calculated as the percentage of Sales with respect to Ad spend. That is, Sales/Ad spend multiplied by 100.

Google Ads Target ROAS

#3 Maximize Conversions

This is a budget-based bidding strategy, here you can set the maximum daily budget and Google will perform the bidding for you to the maximum conversion for the daily budget. Google will manage to spend the money wisely by giving you maximum conversions for your money. This is a simple bid strategy for the newbies and risk-free method.

google ads maximize conversions

CPC Based Bidding

#4 Enhanced Cost Per Click (ECPC)

In ECPC, Google will adjust your bids based on the CPC value, here google has the right to increase as well as decrease the bid value depending upon the chances of driving customer sales. This is good in competitive bidding, if a search is competitive and the CPC is very high, then Google can lower your bid because the chances of conversion in such a condition will be very less and the ROI is very low.

google ads enhanced CPC

#5 Maximize Clicks

This is an automatic bidding strategy which works based on the maximum daily budget. Google Ads will automatically drive more clicks based on the daily budget set by you. If you are wisely choosing the maximum daily budget then you will get a maximum click in return for the amount spend.

google ads maximize clicks

#6 Manual CPC

This is a manual bidding strategy where you have to adjust the cost and it is much time consuming compared to other automatic bidding strategies. If you are willing to spend enough time on setting the bidding amount then it is very good to choose this manual bidding strategy. You have to monitor and adjust the bidding amount and you could save enough money on your ads. This method is actually trading your time for the money, spending enough time on manually setting will save you money. By effectively choosing the right bidding in manual CPC you would make profitable ads and avoid non-profitable ads.

google ads manual cpc

Target Specific Bidding

#7 Target Search Page Location (TSPL)

In Target Search Page Location is automatic bidding in which Google automatically adjust your bids by always showing your ads. There are two different ways to do this, you can show your ads on the 1st page of Google results or you can show your ads at the top of the first four pages of Google.

google ads targeted ads search location

#8 Target Outranking Share

If you are targeting for the competitor audience to visit your website then this could be the best choice for you. Google will help your contents to outrank from your competitor contents if you pay more than your competitor. You have to choose a specific competitor website that you wish to outrank. If you select Target Outranking Share, then when your ads and your competitor ads are showing at the same time, then Google will hide the competitor ads and show your ads over it. Google will stand for the person who pays more for them, so it is also expensive. This can be used for better brand awareness campaigns. TOS works on a percentage basis and the price depends on the percentage. if you choose 80% then Google will show 8 times your ads and 2 times your competitor ads.

google ads target outranking share

Impression Based Bidding

#9 Cost Per Thousand Bidding (CPM)

Cost Per Thousand (CPM) is for display network ads and for youtube campaigns. This can be used for displaying ads in various AdSense websites and for giving short video intros in youtube. This is comparatively less expensive and it just shows your ads in display networks, the customer conversion rate is comparatively low in CPM. The price is decided for a thousand impressions.

google ads cpm bidding

#10 Cost Per Thousand Viewable Impressions (VCPM)

VCPM is dedicated for display networks and the bidding process is manual. This type of bidding will be very useful in creating brand awareness by using display networks. You can manually set the maximum cost on 1000 viewable impressions.

google ads VCPM

#11 Cost Per View (CPV)

Cost Per View is dedicated to video advertising, which will be using the Trueview video platform. The payment is based on video views and interactions. A view is taken into account by the time spent by a user for watching your ads. It is better to choose a less bidding amount first and then increase it accordingly on checking the results. The maximum amount you are willing to pay for interaction or a view is called the maximum cost per view. Setting the maximum cost per view is of great importance in CPV. Taking a trial an error would be most suggested for CPV bidding and find your maximum cost per view which gives you more returns.

google ads CPV

#12 Target Impression Share Bidding

This is mostly used for keywords and brand awareness bidding. Target Impression Share Bidding is keyword-based bidding process in which you can select certain keywords and Google will show your website when that keyword is searched. Selecting the keyword is the main key in this kind of bidding. Selecting a demanding keyword will make you pay more if you choose 100% of the time in SERP's as your target impression share. You have to set a maximum limit and restrict your daily budget for increasing the return on investment.

google ads Target Impression Share

Wrapping Up

These are the currently available bid strategies in Google AdWords and you can use it for improving the audience base for your business or website. The knowledge of the bids strategy and the return of investment is the main key that you have to think before selecting the bidding strategy. Also, it completely depends upon your product and the urgency for choosing higher bidding strategies.


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