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How to Quickly Export WordPress Analytics with Google Analytics


Sharing actual data of your ,Google Analytics report with business partners, clients, customers, and team members is the best way to gain trust. But giving them access to your Analytics account will expose your confidential website data to others. This article will help you know the methods to share your Analytics data without giving access to Analytics account. These methods will help you gain trust from others.

1. Get weekly website stats with email summariesWhen your client wants a website performance report on a regular basis or you need to make it simple, then you can choose this method of getting website stats in your email. Email Summaries are the option to get the website performance stats in your email on your demand regularly. The generated report is easily understandable and simple to use, this report and stats will help you make data-driven decisions.

You can add 5 email addresses for getting the email summaries. To view them from your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Ins..